Gigs to come ..

07 June 2019 - Andrzej Baranek Quintet

The second time MHE played the Irish Centre (Nov 2012), Andrzej had been cramming Beatles tunes all week in preparation for a tribute tour. The sorely-missed MHE always were an energetic band, yet even Andrzej’s bandmates were stunned as they and the keys were played right off the stage with a truly staggering performance. Aversion therapy ? 
Andrzej Baranek : p ; Kyran Matthews : sax ; 
Tony Ormesher : g ; Frank Grime : b ; Eryl Roberts : d

05 July 2019 - John Pope Quintet

North-East bassist, John Pope leads a real Northern All-Star band playing groove-driven, celebratory music inspired by 60s avant-jazz, hard bop with a modern sensibility grounded in the adventurous sounds of today’s European jazz scene. 
Jamie Stockbridge : as; Faye MacCalman : ts, cl; Graham Hardy : tpt; John Pope : db; Johnny Hunter :d