Gigs to come ..

01 September 2017 Perpetual Motion Machine h

Perpetual Motion Machine play their own original music; a dynamic mixture of bebop,

rock, funk and ambient soundscapes, with an energy and dynamism that will have you on the edge of your seat.  
Riley Stone-Lonergan, Ben Lowman : tenor sax, bass clarinet; Sam Dunn, Jamie Taylor : guitars; Garry Jackson : bass; Steve Hanley : drums

15 September 2017 Jamie Brownfield Quartet

A fresh and exciting quartet with vast experience in disparate music styles consort to play their own mix of  New Orleans street beat, swing & reggae. Influences include Harry Connick Jr, Leroy Jones, Clark Terry,Oscar Peterson & Christian McBride .Jamie Brownfield : trpt, Tom Kincaid : piano, Ken Marley : db,  Jack Cotterill : d

06 October 2017 - TBC Julian Costello Quartet

Julian Costello Quartet touring their latest album, Transitions (33 Jazz Records)  comprising original compositions by Julian often segueing from one to the next, encompassing changing grooves and different time signatures, tuneful melodies and lots of energy and humour with distinct Garbarek and Towner flavours. This quirky international lineup features Julian Costello : ten & sop sax,  Maciek Pysz : guitar, Michele Tacchi : db, Adam Teixeira : dr, perc 

03 November 2017 Stuart MacDonald's Bronchial Brotherhood

Something of a mystery here since at the time of going to press, the line-up is indeterminate. Nevertheless, Bradford’s King of the Reed NEVER disappoints regardless of the setting so I am sure we will have our jazz socks blown well and truly OFF!! Best dust-off those long neglected suspenders perhaps??
Stuart McDonald : reeds, ?, ?, ?, ? Line-up tbc

01 December 2017 Arun Ghosh

Clarinettist Arun Ghosh’s new album, the Blue Light the Red Light reveals a move from Indojazz towards song-like structures and psychedelic textures; a sonic space where Alice Coltrane meets The Doors or Velvet Underground. Propelled by a hard driving rhythm section, Ghosh's lyricism, melodic outpourings and  improvisation become passionate and emotional 'songs without words'.  Arun Ghosh : clarinet, John Ellis : keys, Gavin Barras : bass, Dave Walsh : drums

15 December 2017 Johnny Hunter Quartet 

Johnny Hunter Quartet connecting authentically with jazz tradition, whilst developing its own voice through original composition. Hard-grooving jazz filtered through the investigation of more unfamiliar dance metres – a fabulous advertisement for British jazz. Johnny Hunter - drums, Mark Hanslip - t.sax, Graham South - trpt & Seth Bennett - db

05 January 2018 - The Retrosettes

The Retrosettes are a high energy 50s / 60s inspired quintet appearing in Paolo Sorrentino’s ‘Youth’ (Caine, Keitel), touring Europe : Simply Red (2016), Lindsey Sterling (2017) and entertaining Indian Princes in and amongst. Debut album '1, 2, Yes, Go!’ Just out. A Bouncing Might beckons with Andrzej Baranek : p/org, Tommy Fuller : b, Rick Weedon : drums/Bvs, Helen Bytheway - p, voc and Paul Bytheway - g/voc

02 February 2018 - Emily Brown Quintet

Line-up to confirm, but Emily picks her bands very well indeed - that and Emily's supreme class makes for a STUNNING evening of jazz, so be early for a good seat

02 March 2018 - Artephis

16 March 2018 - TBC Phil Meadows

06 April 2018 - Ikigai

04 May 2018 - Edwards-Dearden Quintet