Gigs to come ..

04 October 2019 - The Horse Puppets

Vintage-tinged band, The Retrosettes have swollen their ranks to become The Horsepuppets - a band name arising from a curious find backstage at a theatre in Liverpool (surely you've got to come if only to hear that story?) - adding cello and occasionally pedal-steel guitar whilst recording their debut album.  ‘Sorry For The Inconvenience’ at the Bytheway's home studio in Manchester. Possessing a hybrid indie sound like the more ambient side of The Black Keys or The Arctic Monkeys, mixed with country pedal steel guitar, violin, double bass, electronic synths and large vocal harmonies. A minor departure from straight-ahead jazz, but bags of musical talent and fun, Paulo Sorrentino has great taste. 
Helen Bytheway : v, p, acc, Paul Bytheway : v,g, Poppy Smallwood : v, cello, Tommy Fuller : a &; eb, Andrzej Baranek : p, o, synth, Josh Savage : d

01 November 2019 - Manchester Jazz Collective Quintet 
courtesy of Jazz North's Northern Line

A dectet comprising some of the region's most creative and fiery young jazz musicians, an eclectic spread of influences ranging from reggae to minimalism, metal, township, and folk music informing their extensive catalogue of original compositions in a truly rollicking fashion. Kyran Matthews, Jeff Guntren & Emily Burkhardt :s & ww, Graham South & Nick Walters : tr, Ellie Smith & Rich McVeigh : trom, Andy Stamatakis-Brown : p, Paul Baxter : b, Johnny Hunter : d

15 November 2019 - Mike De Souza Trio

06 December 2019 - Mark Williams Trio
courtesy of Jazz North's Northern Line

03 January 2020 - FORJ Quartet

17 January 2020 - Adrian Knowles' Sound of '59