Sunday, 28 June 2020

Lockdown "easement" update

Dearest Jazzers,

We hope you are all keeping well and treating lockdown "easement" with the large dollop of common sense required.
We are now in the odd situation where venues may open yet hold no live gigs so we are forced to officially cancel the Shirley Smart Gig of 03 July 2020 and in so doing draw a line under JATPjazz' 2019/2020 season.
We thank you for your attendance, enthusiasm and support whilst regretting we could not complete the season. We look forward to a vaccine and/or effective treatment for Covid-19 as soon as humanly possible, and that such a situation might arrive before our planned commencement of our 2020/2021 season on 4th September.

Meantime, as many health and scientific experts continue to wisely repeat - lockdown may have eased up but Covid-19 has not - we hope you stay safe and well in these most challenging of times, hoping we can safely reconvene in September and welcome an audience in the full knowledge that none will suffer as a result.

Please take care. In truth, very little has changed.

We wish you all well

JATPjazz Committee

Friday, 29 May 2020

Update : Suspension of Events

Dearest Jazzers,

We hope you are all keeping well and staying home for the most part.
Having reviewed the current Covid-19 situation and the latest Government stipulations, we regret to advise that the 06 June gig with the Rob Luft Band is cancelled. We await further easing of Covid-19 Regulations preventing such events and we will review the situation again in that light and advise further as soon as possible.

We hope to be back where we belong at Bradford Latvian Club in the not too distant future and hope you will bear with us in the meantime.

Please stay safe and hopefully virus-free until happier, more normal days return.
We wish you all well

JATPjazz Committee

Tuesday, 31 March 2020

A message from Northern Jazz Promoters

Northern Jazz Promoters (previously known as NORVOL) is a not-for-profit organisation which support jazz and it's Promoters in the region, of which, JATPjazz is a founder member. 
They have set up a page on their website where bands can provide links to their music available for download. Please checkout where Musician's details are listed further down the page

Stay sane, stay safe, Stay Home.

Your JATPjazz Committee

Sunday, 22 March 2020

A thought for Musicians

Fellow Jazzers,
as alluded to below whilst the HMG decide if / how they will support the Covid-19 measures-affected Self Employed (i.e Musicians), as most are physically self-isolating, it is easy to imagine their horror at an extended period of "social distancing" and the effect on their income, which for those not live-streaming music lessons, is pretty much £0. Most musicians we have had the pleasure of at JATPjazz are looking into the possibility of "live streaming" gigs from their homes  &  on either a ppv, pwyf or even gratis basis, but it is likely even this will be frowned upon as infection rates increase and a full lockdown threatens. Therefore we worry for our Friends and consider how we might support them. Roger found an interesting idea in The Guardian Letters page 
the other day which we thought we might share. Noting that we are not seeking ticket money for cancelled gigs, in the event you are similarly motivated towards helping musicians, here are the band links for this season's remaining gigs and don't forget that Joe Webb, John Law and Rob Luft all have new albums releasing imminently with Shirley Smart's excellent Long Story Short released in April 2019, so all nice, fresh JAZZ

Keep Well, Stay Safe

Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Suspension of Activities

Dearest Jazzers,

in the light of the latest Government advice and the effect of that on the jazz scene generally, the JATPjazz Committee have most regrettably and reluctantly concluded that the best, most responsible course of action is to cancel all forthcoming gigs up until the end of May at the earliest. We will, of course, continue to regularly review the situation and act accordingly, however we cannot discount the possibility of extending this suspension of operation.
We hope you understand this is our only sensible and responsible option, and of course we hope that the situation improves to a point where we can get back to jazz asap.
We should not forget Bradford Latvian Club and Jazz Musicians in general in the current circumstances. In the light of the advice to avoid public gatherings, such venues and maintain "social distancing", coupled with the suspension of Bradford City AFC fixtures, the supporters of which pack the Bradford Latvian Club to the rafters for home games, it is easy to imagine the black holes which have suddenly appeared in their respective balance sheets. I hope you join our sympathies at their plights. Bradford Latvian Club have been very good to JATPjazz in our hour of recent need. Jazz Musicians likewise - none of them will get rich on the survivalist rates which JATPjazz pays - so we sincerely hope they can all prevail. We are supporting both where we can, however please raise a salutary, hopeful glass in their direction.
We should also not forget our faithful Members and Patrons, without whom none of this would happen in any circumstances. We advise that Membership and Patronage durations will be extended by the number of months we are "off-line" such that there will be no disadvantage to Benefactors in terms of annual membership subscriptions or Patronage. Of course, those Benefactors who would prefer a refund of outstanding subscriptions or patronage arising from cancellations, please contact Steve (Patrons) or Kathleen (Members), contact details fro both to be found in the brochure. 
We hope to be back where we belong at Bradford Latvian Club in the not too distant future and hope you will bear with us in the meantime.
Please stay safe and hopefully virus-free until happier, more normal days return.
We wish you all well

JATPjazz Committee

Sunday, 1 March 2020

New Jazz Venue Alert !!

There's a new jazz night happening in Gomersal which sounds like the ideal Sunday evening "chill".
The fine folks at the Smiling Cat Cafe 134 Oxford Rd, Gomersal, Cleckheaton BD19 4HD will be hosting a monthly Jazz night starting Sun 22 Mar. 
Music from 7-9pm featuring the Jeffrey Hewer Trio, featuring Eliot Richards, sax; and Angus Milne, db.
Come for the music and stay for the terrific food, drinks atmosphere and lovely staff! 

Google + = P8G8+4P Cleckheaton

Thursday, 15 August 2019

A letter from our Chairman . . .

Dear Jazz lover & JATP supporter
It is with deep regret that I have to advise you that our venue The Glyde is closing down on 24th August and we must move once again. You can well imagine the shock and, with a bare months’ notice the difficulty the Committee has had to find a new home. We have had to take into consideration a number of key requirements:
*somewhere that had the first Friday of every month free
*somewhere that was in a safe and accessible part of town
*somewhere that had car parking
*somewhere that could take our piano & furniture
*somewhere that has a bar, preferably with real ale
*somewhere with the right sized room
*somewhere that has a warm & friendly atmosphere
*somewhere that was not too expensive
It is therefore with great relief that we can announce that we have found such a venue: The Latvian Club, 5 Clifton Villas, Bradford BD8 7BY. It is the third building on the left-hand side of the street and car parking is available both on the road in in its own carpark. Several buses stop on Manningham Lane, close to Clifton Villas and The Latvian Club, coming from Keighley, at the stop known as Spring Bank Place, 200 yards from Clifton Villas (straight ahead on the left), while from Bradford the stop needed is outside the Sultan restaurant, within a three minute walk of Clifton Villas on the opposite side of the road. The most useful is the 662 with buses leaving Bradford Interchange Stand A at 19.50 & 20.20 and is as good in the other direction. The last buses from the nearest stops are after 22.30 and up to almost midnight in both directions. However, for groups of more than 3 a taxi could well prove cheaper.
We realise that a city-centre venue would have been preferable and one that had disabled access (something the Latvian Club said they’d look into) but we are pleased that we have by and large ticked all the other boxes. Please note that in addition to the wooden chairs they have (seen in the photo) that we will not be using unless asked for there are about 50 COMFY chairs!!
We are moving this week and will be ready to host our first gig of the season there on 6 September with a JATP favourite The Emily Brown Quintet.
In the almost 20 years since JATP began 4 venues back we have only had in mind: to bring the best jazz for miles around to the widest possible audience at the keenest prices. We only exist for you and we cannot exist without you. We sincerely hope you will stick with us in this involuntary but essential move and that we see you all from 6th September and into the future.
Steve Arloff, Chairman JATP Jazz

to The Latvian Club . . .

stage-struck, Roger was unable to resist the call of Air Guitar