Been, gone and WOW!

05 November 2021 - ORB Trio + Fred

what an outstandingly excellent evening of jazz Richard, Pete and Paul laid upon us at JATPjazz. I am still abuzz. Always been supremely delighted with everything I've ever seen Richard and Paul do. Excepting a JazzNorth promoter virtual meet recently, I am totally "new" to Pete which I now find to be a serious omission on my part - STRIPES!! His piano playing AND repartee with the audience and fellow Musicians is outstanding. And then there was lovely Fred. I was musing that dogs bring quite a lot to a jazz night. For me, they really enhance that "all is well in the World" as the music shakes off the hassles of the week. Fantastic! Hope Fred will also be back.

Richard Ormrod - clarinet, saxes, guitar, you name it?; Pete Rosser – keys; Paul Baxter - b, Fred Ormrod - hates fireworks 

01 October 2021 Caroline Boaden Quartet

Pure class from start to finish in every aspect - pad selection, musicianship, seamless band cohesion and delivery - all phenomenal. And then there is the way Caroline relates to the audience! Wow! Real empathy, genuine warmth and no assumptions made - I thought it was brilliant.  - so glad 
's got Her own thing going, long overdue but then when you are in as many bands as Caroline is and teaching on top, it's not that easy - even though it looks it.  Definitely a Keeper for JATPjazz.  

Jamil Sheriff - keys; Ed Harrison - b; StelMidgley - g – lap, stl; Caroline Boaden - d

03 September 2021 - Ben Crosland Quartet

WHAT an absolute BELTING night! What a way to draw back the pandemic curtains? Supremely fitting that it was the four Beauties "of JATP's own" comprising the Ben Crosland Quartet that did the honours, and how they fulfilled the role was unbelievable - beautiful sets delivered with such class. These Guys don't even look at each other! It's instinctive, intuitive jazz - the very best "kind". 

Rod Mason - sax, Jez Platt - keys, g; Ben Crosland,-b; Dave Tyas - d

* * * The L O N G Wait * * *

06 March 2020 - Sam Leak :  “The Craft of Sound”

An absolutely delightful night of the highest quality jazz and intermingled illumination on how music "works" with the body. Sublime piano, Simon's so-solid, yet beautifully agile bass and Will's magnificently expressive drumming - I swear they were talking to me !! So all in all, a jazz night to long remember. Even before the night had ended musically, Folks were asking for a reprise, so definitely a Keeper on everyone's card.

Sam Leak - p, Simon Read - db, Will Glaser - d

07 February 2020 - Eirik Svela European Quartet

Eirik's previous visit to JATPjazz was an absolute blinder so it was little surprise to see the audience expand for his latest visit. Whether it was the replacement of the hitherto piano and bass with hammond organ which resulted in the audience response and rapture, one might only speculate, but what a stunning band this is. Eirik Svela : guitar, David Edge : tenor sax, Ross Stanley : hanmond org. org and Roger Johansen : d

17 January 2020 - Adrian Knowles' Sound of '59

132 Bebop devotees packedBradford Latvian Klub's hall from front to back for a matchless evening of the“Sound of  ‘59”, expertly re-played by a glorious "crop" of the Region's finest Jazzers. SUPERB!!  Adrian Knowles  ; b, tales, Joel Purnell : ts, Jim Corry : as, Mark Chandler : tpt, Kevin Holbrough : trom, Jason Scott : p, Caroline Boaden : d

03 January 2020 - FORJ Quartet

Do these Guys stir it up ? You bet! Fire-breathing dragons Joe & Josh rasping back and forth aloft propulsive rhythmic waves expelled by Nick and Jonathan. 4 Guys seemingly instinctively linked giving a high energy, yet slightly quirky jazz blast.

Joe WrightJosh Arcoleo : ts, Nick Jurd : db, Jonathan Silk : d                        

06 December 2019 - Mark Williams Trio
courtesy of Jazz North's Northern Line

A Ripping evening of rock, metal and fusion-laden jazz, with added electronic effects from the virtuosic Mark Williams Trio - an edgier, more modern sound with melody and improvisation pertaining. Absolute stokin' band - do check 'em out.
Mark Williams : g, Paul Susans : b, Russ Morgan : d    

15 November 2019 - Mike De Souza Trio

What a cracking gig this was - the whole certainly greater than the sum of the parts, which were in themselves a musical beauty to behold. Their latest album release, "Slow Burn" is a great album on disc, but you've really got to try it "live" for full effect. Brilliant stuff from : 
Mike De Souza : g, Huw V Williams : b, Jay Davis : d                 

01 November 2019 - Manchester Jazz Collective Quintet 
courtesy of Jazz North's Northern Line

JUMPING JEHOSHAFAT!! This band just get better and better, which, given the line-up, should be hardly surprising, yet still you remain agog at the utter brilliance of both their virtuosity and it's delivery. Oddly, there being ten of these musical beacons, their gigs are few and far between owing to their numerous other commitments and the entangled logistics that creates. I suppose that point further illustrates their individual and collective brilliance ?? Whatever, this is a band you really must see. They are simply a Knockout! Not only that, they lent arms (and brains) to the set-up and shutdown - absolutely beautiful cats!  
Kyran MatthewsJeff Guntren & Emily Burkhardt :s & ww, Graham South & Nick Walters : tr, Ellie Smith & Rich McVeigh : trom, Andy Stamatakis-Brown : p, Paul Baxter : b, Johnny Hunter : d

04 October 2019 - The Horse Puppets

What an absolute "knock-out" band The Horse Puppets are. An evening of nearly all musical genres delivered in virtuosic fashion in such an engaging, sincere style to a large and highly attentive and appreciative audience. All the ingredients of the perfect jazz night possibly which highly recommends The Horse Puppets
Helen Bytheway : v, o, acc, Paul Bytheway : v,g, Poppy Smallwood : v, cello, Tommy Fuller : a & eb, Andrzej Baranek : p, synth, Josh Savage : d are the real deal.

06 September 2019 - Emily Brown Quintet

Oh Lordy Miss Claudy!! Emily Brown and her simply sublime Quintet opened our tenure at Bradford Latvian Club in utterly knock-out style. A JATPjazz record (anywhere!) attendance of 97 were eating out of the bands hands, each to a "man" wowing the crowd with their dexterity, virtuosity and stage-presence for the full 2 hours. And so the JATPjazz limbo bar sits, straddling the highest chimney pots of Bradford Latvian Club. A great BIG Thank You is also deserving of the committee and members of Bradford Latvian Club who made us feel right at home straight from the off. We sincerely hope this is the start of a beautiful friendship. Long live JATPjazz. Lai dzīvo Latviesu Klubs Bradford where we hope to see you all again on 04 October. Absolutely BRILLIANT night.
Emily Brown : v, Ed Barnwell : p, Stu Macdonald : sax, Fergus Quill : b, Caroline Boaden : d

05 July 2019 - John Pope Quintet

Absent owing to business abroad, I am reliably informed by the redoubtable Roger that this was a thunderously excellent gig  and a view shared by many I have spoken to since. What finer recommendation (other than theIr  selection as JazzNorth Northernline Round 7 Ambassadors ?) could one have to urge you along to one of their gigs near you?
Jamie Stockbridge : as; Faye MacCalman : ts, cl; Graham Hardy : tpt; John Pope : db; Johnny Hunter :d 

07 June 2019 - Andrzej Baranek Quintet

Surely one of THE TOP gigs of JATPjazz near 20 year existence, what an utter thrill were the Andrzej Baranek Quintet. Maybe it was the broad spectrum of "era's" from which the pad sprang, or maybe it was the mind-boggling speed and virtuosity evident in every number or they way they tweaked and twisted them to their individual purpose with such consummate ease, making them their own ?? I think maybe the greatest indicator to me was how Kyran kept smiling and shaking his head in utter disbelief at both Andrzej's key "work" (actually high art) and Tony's truly blistering, ballistic runs and not a note dropped. The  spontaneous three-way interchanges they did towards the end really put the cherry on the cake of what was one hum-dinger of a gig, and let us not forget Frank and Eryl for spontaneity and improvisation of this degree, simply can't exist without such a solid, reliable and responsive platform  - THRILLING jazz from stem to stern !! 

Now we do not encourage "boot-legging", however requests were flying in for a copy of Archivist Roger Walker's recording, even before the band had started packing. I will not be leaving it so long before I have these Guys back again.

Andrzej Baranek : p ; Kyran Matthews : sax ; Tony Ormesher : g ; Frank Grime : b ; Eryl Roberts : d

17 May 2019 - Tom Syson

What a stand-up BLINDER Tom Syson & Friends delivered at JATPjazz. Being no stranger to Tom's broad talents as introduced on debut album Green, and listenings to his friends elsewhere might render this less of a surprise? Oh No! these Guys are "The Dog's".  Do try catch them whilst touring and "Different Coloured Days" is so well worth the money.
Tom Syson : tpt; Tom Barford : ts ; David Ferris : p ; Pete Hutchison : db ; Jonathan Silk : d                                 

03 May 2019 - Matthew Read Trio

The Matthew Read Trio are as sensitive, subtle and nuanced in their playing as is Matthew in his compositions and irrepressible story-telling all of which leads to an evening of jazz of high interest and demanding both ears of the listener. 3 top class musicians emerging greater than the sum of their parts : the detail of Arthur Newell with his assertive "punctuation", the delightful, occasionally "washy" guitar of Bendict Wood and the rock-solid double bass of Matthew Read exploring its full range in various parts. Just Beautiful!

05 April 2019 Ben Crosland Quartet

I'll not go into the reasons why this gig became such a challenge for the artists, suffice to say that Rod  had to cancel  at very short notice and it was in divine hands as to whether Ben might make it. So imagine our surprise in the light of such upset to be met with a "hairdryer" treatment of the finest jazz, very rapidly re-arranged that very afternoon by Jez transferring "leads" to keyboard. Truly then, Leading groove cats, and did the audience purr. Definitely "keepers" are Jez Platt :p; Ben Crosland : b; Dave Tyas : d.

15 March 2019 John Bailey Sextet

What an absolute STUNNER this gig was!!,  John Bailey : g; Richard Iles : flugel; Jack Chandler : sax; Pete Hughes : keys; John Sandham : b; Jonathan Hartley : d did Holdsworth (and quite a few other luminaries) PROUD as enthusiastically demonstrated by the appreciative JATPjazz audience, who are always the most accurate measure in such matters. A band well worth the seeing.

01 March 2019 Joy Ellis Quartet

"Joy" as in Christian name, "Joy" as in just one of the feelings arising on receipt of the jazz, these lovely, talented musicians exude - a band so tight and yet, so effortlessly fluid. It was quite clear during sound-check and a few last-minute "orchestrations" that this fluidity owes as much to Joy's arrangement talents and band democracy as it does to the band's inestimable musical riches. An absolute blast of an evening, with full recommendation to future recipients. Do get to see the Joy Ellis Quartet. They are so well worth the effort - one attendee came over from the Wirral no less - recommendation enough.
Joy Ellis : p,voc; James Kitchman :g; Henrik Jensen : db; Adam Osmianski : d

01 February 2019 - Rafe's Dilemma

A compleat and utterly thrilling musical delight, Rafe's Dilemma are so into it, audiences simply can't fail to be lulled into this glorious "sea" of jazz, rock, synth opera and such glorious delivery. The JATPjazz crowd LOVED 'em and they were BRILLIANT. Do try get to see these wondercatz 
Nel Begley - voc, Katie Patterson - d, perc, Sam Vicary - b, and Jamil Sheriff - keys.  

04 January 2019 Vibe-ology

One hum-dinger evening of jazzy, swingy, bluesy jazz from Vibe-ology. With a line-up
depleted by panto-season (and the regular money therein of course!!) up stepped Jez Platt and Eryl Roberts - of course to "be" a "jazz musician" requires levels of artistry, technique, mix-it-up urge and "musicality" a fair bit beyond your average musician, nevertheless, the way these Guys knit so seamlessly together as if you had been playing that music together all your lives was simply exceptional. I loved it and more importantly, the audience clearly loved it judging by their levels of appreciation and that all important factor - "engagement" - I really do have to say that the level and degree of John's powers of audience "connection" are exceptional. It's not that he just speaks, he personally engages them by dropping really interesting details of either tune provenance or connections / influence to himself or band members - they loved every minute.

 John Settle - vibes, Jez Platt - g, Bob Birch -  Hammond, Errol Roberts - Drums

07 December 2018 - Archipelago

In partnership with jazznorth

North-East trio Archipelago absolutely "rocked" JATPjazz on Friday evening with their genre-obliterating, power trio garage-jazz leaving a highly attentive and appreciative audience in a veritable trance. Having seen Archipelago on a number of occasions now, I can only say that they seemed especially "pumped" for this gig. One regular commented it was the best gig we'd ever had, adding that there's three unbelievable musicians stood before you , yet you hear an orchestra.  Christian Alderson - d, Faye MacCalman  - s,cl, John Pope - b, as many have observed before, really do "have all the goods"! Brilliant Night!!

23 November 2018 Eirik Svela Group

My, oh MY! what an outstanding band this is. Svela knows precisely when to come forward and step back and given the scarcely believable talents surrounding him - Andrew Robb flourishingly rock solid, Jamiel Sheriff brimming with the manifest class and nuance for which he is rightly famed, Magnus Sefaniassen Eide a simply staggering prospect of Maddren-esque proportion and Matt Anderson who has been learning the dark sax arts of old London Town for sure -  it's little surprise that his was a JATPjazz night to remember. And so thought the audience who would have sought multiple encores had the time allowed prior to departing with smiles from ear to ear. And so, as we hope JATPjazz nights are, a splendid evening was had by all Eirik Svela - g, Jamil Sheriff - p, Matt Anderson  - sax, Andrew Robb - b and Magnus Sefaniassen Eide   - d

02 November DAN WHIELDON Quartet

In partnership with jazznorth

What a "classic" evening of classy jazz Dan Whieldon's quartet brought us!! Dan's contemporary pieces, tastefully tweaked songbook standards and even jazzed-up English Hymnbook. Jazz for everyone in fact. I urge you to take-in the Dan Whieldon Quartet at your earliest opportunity. Richard Iles - tpt/flugel, Dan Whieldon - p, Ed Harrison - b, Caroline Boaden - d 

19 October 2018 Artephis 

In partnership with jazznorth

RNCM Alumni Artephis are a jazz delight drawing a cavalcade of musical influence, often into one number. It's easy for an old fart to wax-lyrical over the future of UK Jazz on the listening end of such musical glory but Artephis really do have something special. Drop into that mix what lovely young Men these guys are and one's heart is full of gladness at the prospects for jazz. Another ripping album in the works and well-developed plans for another with strings - check-out their website and Youtube outlets - and you'll see/hear why Artephis are a band well worth the seeing. Top Nottch!! They even asked the Old Fart if they could help closing down?? Need I say more ? Aaron Wood - tpt/flugel, James Girling - g, Ali Roocroft - p, Alasdair Simpson - b, Matt Brown - d

05 October 2018 Ubunye 

In partnership with jazznorth

Well Lordy Mamma!! This was one bad-ass gig and a half. We have had some stonking gigs over the years, some instrumental, some single voice + band, but never choral and instrumental. I don't think it is the uniquity to JATP of Ubunye's line up which persuades me this gig sits at the top of JATP's "Wow" tree. No! It is placed there by the unanimous and widely-expressed views of high appreciation and broad grins of 70-odd very happy Bradfordian Jazzers afterwards. 
So BIG UP Ubunye!! (‘one-ness’) Thandanani GumedeNokuthula Zondi-KamudyariwaXolani Mbathe - voc, Dave Evans - keys, Nik Rutherford - g, Kenny Higgins - b, Alex Wibrew - d                             

07 September 2018 Toby Carpenter Organ Trio + Nadim Teimoori

Shiver me Timbers !! WHAT a start to the season. Bradfordian Tobie Carpenter’s Organ Trio transported us right back to 20's New Orleans, 50's New York and new millennium Europe in whirlwind style, with Nadim Teimoori's unbelievable sax absolutely sealing the deal. No wonder debut EP DEAD PAN PARTY (Turquoise Coconut Records), hit No.1 in the iTunes Jazz Album Chart. 
Currently on tour, I urge you to try take one of these gigs in. Jazz treats await

Tobie Carpenter - g, Jamie Safir - o, David Ingamells - d + Nadim Teimoori - sax         

06 July 2018 - Freddie Gavita Quartet

In my most regrettable enforced absence, Roger advises that it was a terrific gig, highly engaging, intricate music from a band which also are tuned-in to the crowd, resulting in an evening of the finest jazz

For me, Transient is an understated masterpiece. I swear if you closed your eyes you would not be at all surprised to find Miles Davis before you when you opened them. That is not to say that I find you Davis-esque in anyway in terms of performance or composition, more that such are all those qualities in you, you should be equally considered. Highly entertaining album from front to back to which of course Tom, Callum and James add immensely. An oft revisited feast!!  Freddie Gavita - tpt, Tom Cawley - p,  Calum Gourlay - db & Josh Blackmore - d,

5 June 2018 - Rob Luft Quintet

An absolute belting gig from a belting band. Simply stunning how a band combining such brilliant individual virtuosities come together in ensemble to produce such glory seemingly infinitely greater than the sum of the parts. It would be churlish to highlight individuals - this is a band of glorious unity weaving musical spells and melding genres and styles from across the Globe. Rob Luft - g, Joe Wright - sax, Joe Webb - keys, Tom McCredie - b and Corrie Dick - d are simply AWESOME!!  and beautiful people to-boot!!           

01 June 2018 - BRIAN BICAT Memorial 
                       Atlantic Crossover ft. John Settle

God's Truth!! WHAT A NIGHT!! Glyde House packed to the rafters and every chair in the building redeployed and still people standing, Atlantic Crossover and John Settle completely obliterated a most receptive, eager and engaging audience. The place was "on fire" with break-neck sax runs, trumpet and flugel "voluntaries" rippling about the place floating on a forceful rhythmic feather-bed. And then there was John Settle. Hitherto I must confess to some perplexity regarding vibes - I know, "ignoramus"! - well not any longer - Stripes! can John Settle make those bars sound - they were bloody-well dancing on the cords - and they had to with the machine-gun pace emanating from the front line, but the highest accords to John's talent were the looks of amazement on the brass instrumentalists faces and the rapturous appreciation of an audience greedy for more. If Jim and James' playing failed to thrill - an impossible precept in fact - then their arrangements of long familiar tunes into a state of complete "newness" completely converted any faith-free. Mark Chandler, despite being delayed by a drugs-bust en-route, was at his bristling best, strafing the audience with almost supersonic salvos, and then there's Rod Mason. What is there to say about Rod which hasn't already been said?? The man is a megalith. I closed my eyes often as his baritone rasped out "fire", images of John Surman filling my mind's eye. Of course all this "bristling" out front simply demands the finest rhythm. I don't think I've heard a better rhythm section anywhere, live or recorded, than Jami Sheriff, Adrian Knowles and Dave Walsh? Oh! no bit-part players, these - they pushed their way forward with beautiful appropriation, thunder, gentility and glorious talent. All of this resulted in such a gloriously spectacular celebration of jazz, befitting the Great Brian Bicat, our Founder often mentioned in Jim's commentary, was surely there amongst us in spirit with a broad grin on his face and jaw dropped at such unbelievable virtuosity, and particularly so at the closing Caravan - always persuasively requested by Brian of bands, yet Atlantic never got round to it. They absolutely "nailed" it last night! And so I think Brian will join me in especially thanking Jim and Rod for putting such a thing of beauty together in Brian's honour - thank you both sincerely for that and the band for such thrilling delivery. I am sure JATPjazz will never have a better night.

Mark Chandler - trumpet 
Jim Corry - alto sax
James Russell - tenor sax
Rod Mason - Baritone sax
Dave Walsh - drums
Jamil Sheriff - piano
Adrian Knowles - bass
Special Guest John Settle - vibes

04 May 2018 - Edwards-Dearden Quintet

Julie Edwards Kevin Dearden Qtotally "smashed" JATPjazz !! amply evidenced by repeated calls for encores and the insistent sbottom shuffling, seat "dancing" and foot-tapping throughout the auditorium. An absolutely thumping night 
Julie Edwards - v, Kevin Dearden - b, Ed Kainyek - sax, Ed Barnwell - p, Tim Franks - drums                              

06 April 2018 - Treppenwitz

Treppenwitz  : The live manifestation, as usual in my view, added greatly to the CD, but then that’s the whole point of a degree of “improvisation” I think – you can’t get the dynamic which this type of angular, sometimes oblique, sometimes achingly “romantic” / symphonic, sometimes anxiously spacious jazz creates on the night – the musicians’ collective mood ?? As I put it to the trio afterwards, it was the continuously sweeping drift generally of the music from classical to abstract/angular to romantic to Bebopishness with such virtuosic exponentiation that still has me now in a bit of a "dream state".

Matthew Aplin - p, Tom Riviere - db, Steve Hanley - d

16 March 2018 - Phil Meadows Project

As I emailed Phil after the gig . . . "Storming Gig – Loved it, particularly the fusion/rock/fusion/fusion style bass & the washy, wailing guitars and what a drummer Jay is turning out to be – all that promise fulfilled & more and what can we say of Meadow’s sax ?? “He’s coming on! Ain’t he ??” Phuqing BRILLIANT Man !! I’ve said before that you have the goods but you just keep piling them on – good for you Phil as I know you put a lot into jazz too

It will not be 5 years til the next gig I intend !!

Phil Meadows - sax, Michael De Souza – g, Joe Downard – b, Jay Davis – d    

02 February 2018 - Emily Brown Quintet

Stone the Crows!! this Lady can sing, schmooz and generally have the audience eating right out of the palm of her hand. Emily just gets better and better - and I know I keep saying this, but Emily's gigs mirror that as do increasing audience numbers - 94 is very close to the record - and the irrepressible smiles on the faces of Emily's bandmates speaks volumes. Glyde House was full to busting - not a chair left in the place If you ain't seen Emily yet, please do go out of your way to rectify that omission. Always Top Drawer!!

Emily Brown - voc, Stuart McDonald - sax, Jason Scott - p, Fergus Quill - b,   Caroline Boaden - dr

05 January 2018 - The Retrosettes

The Retrosettes absolutely "wiped the floor" with a packed house delivering a rapturous evening of high energy 50s / 60s inspired music with a jazz inflection and by all accounts, their debut album '1, 2, Yes, Go!’ sold well. A Bouncing night with Andrzej Baranek : p/org, Tommy Fuller : b, Rick Weedon : drums/Bvs, Helen Bytheway - p, voc and Paul Bytheway - g/voc

15 December 2017 Johnny Hunter Quartet 

Johnny Hunter Quartet grooved and bopped the JATPjazz 
faithful  right into the festive season with thrilling original composition and thoughtful, yet invigorating arrangements of "standards" making for a highly refreshing evening of jazz  – a fabulous advertisement for British jazz. Johnny Hunter - drums, Mark Hanslip - t.sax, Graham South - trpt & Seth Bennett - db

01 December 2017 Arun Ghosh

Jazzers! you simply cannot go wrong with Arun Ghosh !!
let the numbers speak for themselves : a rapturous audience of 85 bought 30 albums, both records, both impressive for an intimate venue such as Glyde House. Arun's latest album but where are you really from? is a cracker on record but wait till you hear and see the 'live' manifestation. WOW! f*****g WOW! Do not miss the opportunity to see
Arun Ghosh : clarinet, John Ellis : keys, Gavin Barras : bass, Dave Walsh : drums

03 November 2017 Stuart MacDonald's Bronchial Brotherhood inc. New York Brass Band Balsam

Stone Me!! What an absolute knock-out band the New York Brass Bronchial Brotherhood are. Youtube is littered with videos of their numerous, widespread exploits and highly impressive they are. Well I tell you they tell no lies. So fo the epitome of "feelgood" and engaging bassy poppy rocky jazz, look no further than the uplifting, life-affirming  
Stuart McDonald : ts, James Lancaster : sousaphone, 
Chris WilliamsonAlex Astbury : trpt, Charles Lancaster : trom, Al Morrison : guitar, John Settle : drums

06 October 2017 Julian Costello Quartet

WHAT a CRACKING evening of jazz we had with the Julian Costello Quartet touring their latest album, Transitions (33 Jazz Records). This is quite an unusual band insofar as their performance is imbued with egalitarianism, one is left wondering "just who is the leader?" save for the fact that Julian does the talking. The compositions are such they allow infinite variety of ensemble and solo playing, all of which leads to an absolutely rivetting evening of jazz - and they played a terrific, high energy rendition of "Caravan" in memory of the late Brain Bicat. You could fair see the camels racing across the desert I tell you.
I strongly urge jazz fans to check-out hither
upcoming JCQ gigs where you will simply be blown away by their virtuosity. 
 Julian Costello : ts, ss ;  Maciek Pysz : guitar; Michele Tacchi : db; Adam Teixeira : dr, perc are one STUNNING band !!

15 September 2017 Jamie Brownfield Quartet

I confess to being a tad worried!  The notoriously "challenging" month of September has been a roaring success with two 50+ gates. Of course this is thanks to our utterly wonderful audience who really do 'add' to the excellent bands we have and the Jamie Brownfield Quartet are an exquisite example of the jazz talent in the North. I honestly never knew how much I liked New Orleans street beat, swing, reggae, Harry Connick Jr, Leroy Jones, Clark Terry,Oscar Peterson, Chet Baker, Christian McBride & Coldplay until Jamie Brownfield : trpt, Tom Kincaid : piano, Ken Marley : db, and Jack Cotterill : d gave me the kick up the behookie which let to much grooving and swivelling of hips long so swivelled. I bloody knew about it the following morning I can tell you. DO take these guys in when you can - they are TOP CLASS !!

01 September 2017 Perpetual Motion Machine

Perpetual Motion Machine utterly ripped the JATPjazz rug here. Only the second night of their "IGNITION" Album release tour and there's flames lickin' out the back already. Only God knows what they'll be like by the time they reach Aberdeen but it will HAVe to be super-special if the JATPjazz gig is any measure. STUNNING A MUST see !

Riley Stone-LonerganBen Lowman : tenor sax, bass clarinet; Sam DunnJamie Taylor : guitars; Garry Jackson : bass; Steve Hanley : drums

07 July 2017 Firebird Quartet

Firebird Quartet is an ensemble teeming with talent, creativity and empathy. Little wonder then that JATPjazz' season was closed with a resounding jazz bang, audience in raptures and queuing up to purchase Firebird Quartet's recently released album Consonance which can be heard and purchased here 
So if your "jazz bag" is original compositions and tweaked standards delivered with energy and driving groove of broad accessibility, then Firebird Quartet are well worth looking up and taking in. As Lance Liddle (Splinter Jazz, Newcastle etc) put it, their's "was a stormer!” Our's was also.

Ian Chalk - tr, Martin Longhawn - p, Tim Carter - d, John Marley - b

16 June 2017 Mark Lewandowski Trio Waller 

Another belting evening of jazz at Glyde House. Mark Lewandowski's Trio Waller were, possibly to be expected given the provenance of these three TOP Jazzers, absolutely TOP CLASS! This was not 'typical jazz fayre' for sure covering uncommon 'jazz ground' and yet the music was delivered to stunning effect to an appreciative and enthusiastic audience and record CD Sales followed, which pretty much says it all ultimately.

A terrific night from a most highly recommended band

Mark Lewandowski - b, Liam Noble - p, and Paul Clarvis - d

If you missed the CD's or the gig, I entreat you to such delightful jazz treats at

02 June 2017 ORCA

What a night! What a wang dang doodle night ?? A quick look at the line-up gives all indication that this is a special band, yet there's never a guarantee in such matters of course, so let me and 80-odd other funkalicious jazz cats - some of whom were dancing !!! - screaming "more!, more!" attest that ORCA is even greater than the sum of it's individually impressive parts. So busy individually are these fabulous and famous four that ORCA gigs are a logistcal nightmare and hence quite rare, so any chance to see these Folks should be seized upon eagerly - you will not be disappointed and you'll have the chance to part with a princely £5 for their new CD, "Mind your own Business" - no prizes for guessing who, amongst their number, coined that phrase ??

A superb evening of funkyjazzufunk from . . . 
Nicki Allan - v,keys, Caroline Boaden - dr, Rod Mason - s, dec, Garry Jackson - b    

05 May 2017 Pat McCarthy Quartet

WHAT a CRACKING evening of jazz! Possibly the best gauge of such being audience response, despite Pat having stagecraft to burn, the JATPjazz faithful gleefully wallowed in every second, so on such a scale, this gig must surely be pushing for a Top Ten JATPjazz gig. Imperious originals and interpretations performed with the highest art, and to think that Shannon has never had a musical lesson in her days, everything was just so natural yet with endless nuance and subtlety, and so Yes!! A CRACKING Night we had with . . .
Shannon Reilly - v, Pat McCarthy - g, Thom Whitworth - tru, g, Warren Jolly - b

07 April 2017 Family Band 

A 6 am Friday flight out of Ireland after a Thursday night gig followed by familial libations, the like of which only the Irish can 'do', made for a Quartet of sleepy fellows setting-up at 18:30 Friday evening, yet on they struggled reminiscent possibly of the "jazzer" life of yore. After a comparatively sedate opening number however the musical "fix" kicked in with alarming effect powering these beautiful young jazz cats into 2 sets of the most sublime Coleman-esque Bebop stupendously augmented by the uniquities of these 4 jazz "killers". The individually and collectively brilliant Stone-Lonergan's each in turn and often in unison, blasting and strafing the front row of a packed house with musical pearls at an Uzi rate, impelled by the truly awesome stickwork of Chief Hanley - WHAT a staggering drummer this guy is becoming - SUPERB!! - and the massive, intricate and understated bass of Tom Riviere. Tom then proceeded to drive himself, Kim and Riley back to London !!!???? And they say that life is wasted on the Young ?? Rather paltrily by comparison, so knackered was I with 2 hours of irresistible foot-tapping and shuffling in the wings, my arthritic knees today are singing their own song with wincing effect following the "take up thy bed and walk" jazz salve which is the MAGNIFICENT Family Band. You simply HAVE to get to see these lovely Jazzers - you will not be disappointed and I strongly urge you, having heard the unmastered "cut" of their forthcoming album to buy it - it is a beautifully honest example of what will smack you right in the chops when you see them "live". And a BIG BIG UP to Jazz North for their foresight and presentation of the northern line initiative.
Kim Macari Stone-Lonergan, tr; Riley Stone-Lonergan, sax; 
Tom Riviere, b; Steve Hanley, d

03 March 2017 Valia Calda 

Terrific evening of jazz further informed by Greek Folk

music of varying complexity and pace with the focus of attention generally passing between the haunting guitar and effects of Nikos and the horns of Sam and Seb atop the solid and dextrous rhythmic foundation of Theo with Harry's sumptuous drums and percussion - exceedingly interesting and adventurous as foretold by LondonJazz News'  Rob Edgar. A cracker in fact attested by the other main ingredient for any great jazz - the JATPjazz audience

Sam Warner, tr/fh; Seb Silas, bass clar; Nikos Ziarkas, g/effects; 
Thodoris Ziarkos, b; Harry Pope, d

03 February 2017 Emily Brown Quintet 

Emily Brown has done "it" again, only this time 10-fold : audience in raptures, endless calls for encore and Glyde House in virtual tatters. To prove this is not some sort of fluke, possibly to add credence to the absolute truth that Emily has all manner of talents to burn, Emily, Stuart and George had never set eyes or ears on each other - but you'd not have known - an ensemble in complete harmony wafted along from turn to glorious turn in producing a fantastic evening of jazz. Numerous attendees commented that they had paid much more to hear far less, underscoring my point that Emily is the country's best kept musical secret : and testament to the superb qualities of the band as such and so I look forward to no end of entreaties, urgings and threats for another reprise. 

Emily Brown : v, Stuart McDonald : sax, Martin Longhawn : p, George Beastall : b; Caroline Boaden : d

06 January 2016 - Dave Manington's Riff Raff

Dave Manington's Riff Raff were one light in numbers as the great Ivo Neame had an unavoidable family matter, so some re-arrangement of scores and whatnot ensued a hasty set-up so that Bradford's Curry delights could be partaken before performing. Phew!! But no matter - professionals and artists to the core, Riff Raff set about their art with creativity and aplomb, yielding appreciative excitement from an enthusiastic audience. A belting night was had by all.

Dave Manington ;b, Tomas Challenger ; sax, Rob Updegraff : g, Tim Giles : d & Brigitte Beraha : voc

16 December 2016 Andre Canniere 

Well Slap my Thigh (but not too hard please?) - Andre Canniere and Friends totally blew our podiatric contrivances clean OFF in closing JATPjazz' 2016. WHAT a band - teeming with ideas and talent - were the music in any way insufficient (it ain't!!) then the virtuosity right across the piece made for a jazz gig to long reside in the memory - and we've had a boat-load of those this year - which just goes to underlining my thrust. 
In no small part Thanks to the Arts Council and Andre Canniere + Ensemble's generosity otherwise our piggy bank would be seriously malnourished.
Get the "Darkening Blue" album from you will be far from disappointed on the strength of this showing.
Our innumerable thanks to := Andre Canniere : t,  Tori Freestone : s, John Turville : p, Michael Janisch : b, Andrew Bain : d and Brigitte Beraha : voc.

02 December 2016 Jamiel Sheriff Trio 

Alas I was elsewhere for what I am widely advised by reliable witnesses was a STUNNING gig full of the subtlety, nuance and delightful twist and turn for which these Masters of their art are renowned. But the rueful can catch these guys again at Matt 7 Phred's in Manchester on January 4th and see/hear what all the fuss is about ‘Places like This’ - a great album of top trio jazzin'
Jamil Sheriff : p, Pete Turner : db, a, Dave Walsh : d

04 November 2016 eyeshutight 

Widely and variously compared with the likes of Esbjorn Svensson TrioAvishai  Cohen and Jarrett/Haden/Motian, the fact is that eyeshutightr are carving their own niche in 'jazz'. Stunning Jazz, Stunning Geezers! Beautiful !! and at awaits a bargain example of eyes live
Johnny Tomlinson : p, Kristoffer Wright : d, Paul Baxter : b.

07 October 2016 Manchester Jazz Collective 

"The Manchester Jazz Collective dectet comprises some of the region's most creative and fiery young jazz musicians, an eclectic spread of influences ranging from reggae to minimalism, metal, township, and folk music to inform their extensive catalogue of original compositions." is what I wrote but I confess to total under-pitching. In a City boasting the likes of Beats & Pieces Big Band, perhaps it's no surprise to discover what a Grade-A, kick-ar$e, BEAUTIFUL troupe the Manchester Jazz Collective truly are. An utterly astounding evening of highest quality composition, playing (this really is a 'collective' in all respects) and totally face-melting JAZZ. Other than for the obvious 'logistical' torments of aligning 10 top musicians, quite how this band struggle to get gigs is both unbelievable and outrageous. Folks!! You know not what you are missing! They are so, so , so well worth the experience
Kyran MatthewsJeff Guntren, Stuart MacDonald :s, Graham SouthNick Walters : tr, Ellie SmithDaniel Mitchell : trom, Andy Stamatakis-Brown : p, Paul Baxter : b, Johnny Hunter : d

16 September 2016 Corrie Dick's "Impossible Things" 

The preview started "Glaswegian Corrie Dick is recognised for his fluent, gritty sound and euphoric abandon on kit . ." and after last evening's musical nirvana, I feel confident in observing that the JATPjazz faithful wound gleefully off into the night in a highly euphoric state. A standing ovation of significant duration rounded-off 2 hours of the most stunning music. Music which ranged in origin and inflection, sometimes separately, often meleded and moulded by a band of troubadors who clearly love the music, it's 'making' and their fellow musicians to the point of aural unity. I mean no disrespect to all the excellent bands who have gone before at JATPjazz, but this gig was something so special, maybe the best JATPjazz gig ever. And so to all music and jazz lovers out there on or close to the trail which the Impossible Things tour is taking (Derby, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff, Barnstaple, Bristol, London, Marden & Coventry) like Jazz North East, Lescar & Cambridge jazz before me, I STRONGLY urge you attend. I guarantee you will be totally blown away.

Corrie Dick : d, Laura Jurd :t, Rob Luft : g, Matt Robinson : p,  Joe Webb :  org, Conor Chaplin :b,

02 September 2016 Angus Bayley's Scrapbook 

Lawdie, Lawdie Miss Claudie !! JATPjazz' new season 
was launched in superb style withAngus Bayley's Scrapbook - now this was not carpet ripping jazz! Thoughtful, pensive, majestic, hymnal, symphonic, folky and subtle - a terrific azeotrope of composition and virtuosity beautifully created by Angus Bayley :p, Paul Trippett :b, Dave Storey :d, Nick Sigsworth :violin, Daisy Watkins : viola, Ben Rodney : t,  Kieran McLeod : trom.
If you missed this gig, then a second chance awaits at Seven Jazz  on 11 September @ Inkwell @ 1:30pm. Highly Recommended !!

01 July 2016 Paradise Trio 
What an imperious Season-Closer we had with  Les ChisnallMike Walker and Richard Iles as Paradise Trio!! - That this is "thinking, listening" jazz is evident but if your lugholes are attuned, there is infinite visual and audible amazement awaiting. The fleet, subtle and dextrous fingers of Messrs Chisnall and Walker and the soaring tones of Mr Iles flugel are a delight. 
I am wishing I had avoided the "one-handed" tag following an hour of impenetrating explanation, but .. Cracking end to the season & BIG thanks to Richard for bringing Mike to Bradford and also to Les for a detailed analysis and description as to why our joanna is a tad 'bright' and what to do to fix it. Glory, Glory Be! and all for a pittance! 

Mike Walker - guitar, Richard Iles - one-handed flugelhorn, Les Chisnall - piano

03 June 2016 The Weave

JATPjazz's Glyde House inaugurating band, The Weave, brought peace to our troubles with a thrilling show of highly refreshing jazz of West Coast 'cool', hard-bop and New Orleans flavours sauteed in exquisite Liverpudlian msicality and humour. STORMING !! and I am most chuffed that this superb band of troubadors go from strength to strength- OUTSTANDING in every department to a man regardless of a late line-up change pays testament to all concerned - A RIPPING NIGHT !!

Martin Smith, Tony Peers - trumpet, Tony Ormisher - guitar, John Ellis - piano, 
Hugo Harrison - double bass, Viktor Nordberg- drums 

06 May 2016 The Lindsay Hannon Plus

Well the following 'herald' was accurate but retrospectively failed ENORMOUSLY to convey what a TOP TOP TOP Band LHP are. Being a man of few words and much blather as you well know, a perfect summary of this band is they are SOOO TIGHT and together, the point of a pin is a dancefloor to them. ABSOLUTELY BLINDINGLY EXCELLENT night. I confess to expletives in my 'closer' - THAT GOOD!! SO GOOD that 3 times the ticket price would be 'meagre'. And a FINE testament to the quiet, yet bountiful musical garden which is the North East, to whom "Hat's Off!!"

The Lindsay Hannon Plus’ début album, ‘The Spy’, contains a variety of material from original pieces - ode ‘Heather forever’, original lyrics set to Joshua Redmond’s ‘Wish’, interpretation of Joni Mitchell’s lyrically complex ‘The Hissing of Summer Lawns’, to the tense, brooding title track. An engaging band with improvisational jazz roots, raucous barrel house blues & thoughtful, spacious ballads
in a variety of grooves, creating an electric atmosphere.
Lindsay Hannon - v, John Pope - db, James Harrison - p, Tom Chapman - d 

tLHP on Facebook
tLHP on Twitter

15 April 2016 Partikel : String Theory

what a belting evening of startlingly excellent jazz we had from Partikel and Benet McClean & not a theorem of chaos in sight. One might consider CD sales a good measure of an audiences appreciation - and the best jazz audience to be had, anywhere, reduced a rather impressive audio pile to a meagre one or two, and thus I conclude a great time was had by all and the band loved it too

Duncan Eagles - ts, Max Luthert - db, Eric Ford - d, Benet McLean - violin

04 March 2016 Manjula

Consider if you will a musical equivalent of the famous Jungle Book scene of Kaa's "Trust in me" and you will have an excellent analogy 
of the effect which Leeds-based MANJULA have on even the best prepared 'jazz nut'. One of our enthusiastic regulars commented at half-time that they had not been particularly looking-forward to the gig (they like it 'hard and fast') but also that it was such a pleasant and cossetting surprise, words were not easily found to describe, so we settled on "beguiling". Manjula (“melodious”) really are something so different but in a quietly spectacular way - they creep up on you unawares and with imperceptible realisation, you are into it, hooked, eager for every musical jewel brought forth by this very special ensemble. I'll leave you with the thoughts of their ripping young bassist, Simon Read, "I only travel North to play with his band" therein the secret? The band loves the music just as much as the audience. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED 

Vanessa Rani - v,p, Sam Bell - p, Joe Harris - g, Simon Read - db

04 March 2016 Blind Monk Trio

Late! I know . . . A letter to Bob . . . 

That was a special gig last night – weather-affected audience I think but those hardy souls who made it were rewarded with – and one cannot suggest no prior warning of same – a BLINDING night of jazz. The dexterity, super-fluidity, intonation and POWER of your sax, the horizon-wide genre bass-style injections and beautiful ‘voice of Hugo, the Uzi sticks and ‘finger-print’ brushwork of Johnny’s percussion, all so wondrously mixed, melded and individually exposed as required gave rise to wonder as to how such a beautiful musical expanse could come from a trio!!?? The Music?? Your original compositions sit in no shadow of the ‘standards’ you add. In fact I find they complement each other enormously and I love the way you bend and twist the standards to your personalities, casting-off all slavishness – all of which made for two mouth-watering sets of aural jazz paradise.

And I far from loneliness in this general view by all reports.
Bottom Line Bob – there ain’t many jazz gigs where my fat old ass starts swinging and my boots a-stomping – almost ‘Dad Dancing’
Bob Whittaker - ts, Hugo Harrison - db, Johnny Hunter -drums 

05 February 2016 7 Pieces of Silver

A-List :- Band, Audience, Venue, Ambience. Not wishing to be repetitive, boring or tedious or tempt providence, but YET AGAIN a SUPERB evening of Jazz from a totally 'JAZZING' band. A MUST SEE band and their recently released album encapsulates the vigour and beauty of their live performance as much as a 'record' can. But then there's the live spontaneity, all of which makes £20 per head an absolute steal to see . . 
James Lancaster - tr, John Mckillup - ts, Stuart Macdonald - &bs, Matt Ball - trom, Andrzej Baranek - p, Paul Smith - d, Paul Baxter - b

22 January 2016 Matt Holborn Quartet with Jazz North

"Matt Holborn's Gypsy Jazz Quartet gave us one of the JATPjazz nights of all time. Stunningly Good,  superbly augmented by each musicians highly subtle and personal 'injection' of contemporary jazz style extended the 'Hot Club' stand out from crowd - impeccable musicianship and ensemblinto new and exciting beautiful territory - all too rare in the UK possibly, the Quartet festooned by the eager audience thereafter. 
Matt Holborn - violin, Ben Mallen - g, Ben Danzig - g, Simon Read - db transport you straight to Paris!!     

08 January 2016 Emily Brown + Band

Quite Simply!, Emily
absolutely blew Glyde House apart with super-classy vocals, stagecraft, presence, delivery and those old-fashioned 'commodities' ; STYLE & TALENT. Add to that a band to match these treasures and a perfect intuition as to when to 'release' same : both 'must haves' in order for all good things to come together and you have all the ingredients for a STONKING evening of the best jazz around, which is precisely what JATPjazz received most gratefully. The house packed right until the very end, numerous calls to 'encore' and smiles a plenty at the inevitable standing ovation. A bloody MARVELLOUS night !! with many appeals for a reprise! and SOON! from the faithful - as insurance  hound say "Oh! Yuss!!"

Emily Brown – v, (ecg??) Jim Corry - sax, Martin Longhawn - keys, Richard Hammondbass and Caroline Boaden - drums -

04 December 2015 John Bailey Quintet with Jazz North

In the wake of the John Etheridge Trio North last month, one was even more surprised by the blast of 'fresh air' which the John Bailey Quintet imparted at JATPjazz
John's fingerwork coupled with the tone of his guitar is stunningly good, an aural feast all it's own but it is the way that 'jazz convention' is applied to John's seemingly disparate talent which is such a surprise - it works SO WELL which can only be testamant to the compositional and arranging skills of John and the virtuosity of his bandmates. This bunch of Jazz Japesters really do have something very special as ‘Black Ship Bright Sea’ and 'Heart Horizons' attest : The classical guitar and classical jazz formats melt into one VERY NICELY indeed! Lance Liddle's John Williams parallels are most deservedly drawn
John Bailey - g,  Richard Iles - flug., Tim France - sax, Garry Jackson - db, Steve Hanley - dr

06 November 2015 - John Etheridge Trio North

What a TERRIFIC evening of axemanship, paradiddlism and JAZZ. At the risk of being brief, I will not spoil the glory of this event other than to say a packed, enthusiastic and appreciative audience was a most fitting setting for the KING OF STRING!!

Pat Metheny :was right on the money!

John Etheridge - guitar, Ben Crosland - bass & Dave Tyas - drums

16 October 2015 - Nicola Farnon Trio

OK, let's have a change of tack for reviews?? this is the sms I sent Nicola the day after yet another thrilling performance . . 

Oy! Nostrildamus!! THAT was one of the VERY, VERY BEST JATPJAZZ gigs EVER! One of the top 10 gigs I've ever been in any genre.
And what a band? How does your Bloke do all that with so small a kit?? The light, the dark, the warm summer breeze, the thunder? F'ing Brilliant!
Piero? what is there to say really? Sheffield & it's people are a proper City for sure but it could only be love which confined that beautiful man to the UK? He is utterly 'world class'. We've had some great pianists for sure, but he had the keys stood on-end last night!!
& you? what is there to say, again?? Darling of Darlings, Sir Humphrey was, possibly most typically with his economic yet perfect use of the language coupled with maximum conveyance of meaning, a bit understated in his comments. YOU have got THE LOT!! Right across the piece. NO DOUBT!
So heed not your girlies. You have a life also & you look to be doing an excellent job of it.
I'll post similarly on th'blog when I have my PC back to win7.1
Meantime, most heartfelt thanks and biggest best wishes till we meet again. Love to you, Phil & Piero - THE BEST!!

Nicola Farnon - v, db, Piero Tucci - p, sax & Phil Johnson - d

02 October 2015 - Misha Mullov-Abbado Quintet

Given Misha's parentage (surf away) one might presume that a glorious splendour of musical delight awaits all who listen (New Ansonia : Edition) and witness 'live' the Misha Mullov Abbado Quintet. I presumed somewhat myself but was totally unprepared for the strength and depth of musicianship and the horizon-wide breadth and supreme quality of composition. What a talent Misha is! and add to that the art of Matthew, Tom, Liam and Scott and you can expect siesmic tremors wherever they pitch-up. Shake, shake way, you Guys! TOP MUSIC!! TOP BAND !!   

Matthew Herd –  as, Liam Dunachie– p, Tom Green – trom, Misha Mullov-Abbado – db, Scott Chapman - d

04 September 2015 - Paul Kilvington Trio

Starve the Lizards! Stone the Crows! Ay Caramba!

Quite how or why the Paul Kilvington Trio, or it's predecessor, Amazonia have avoided being committed to 'record' leaves me (and I do believe last night's JATPjazz audience) utterly bewildered?? This trio are simply EXCELLENT on every conceivable count : composition, musicianship, cohesion, audience-inculcation, improvisation, etc, etc and they completely explode any 'common' assumptions that there is a limit to breadth where trios are concerned - these guys have NO LIMITS!

In describing Paul Kilvington as “always outstanding”, Mike Walker (former Amazonia member)  is totally SPOT ON! as was PK in his “excited about it - could be explosive !!” premonition - "Jazz Bloody Semtex!" I tell you!

I find that without oxygen, I cannot recommend this trio at an altitude commensurate to their arts  - AN ABSOLUTE KNOCKOUT!! 

Paul Kilvington – piano, Nord kbd, Frank Grime – db, Steve Gilbert – drums

For a fuller biog, check-out

03 July 2015 - Elements' Happy Birthday, Bicat, Old Boy! GIG

Described as “Weather Report on acid” - My Derriere! Elements are THE BAND! They just get better and better, it's unreal. Big Rod huffed, puffed and, barring a short spell of heat-stroke for twas a 'steamer' last eve, blew Glyde House down, flat. 'Steaming Up' the rear were Rod's usual staggeringly talented Fellows : Messrs Hammond and Walsh, however Group Captain Dickie Allweather was unavoidably detained, we know not where or at who's pleasure so up and amply stepped the 'always outstanding' Paul Kilvington. who slotted straight in - Plop!, Rod commenting that he was 'very choosy' about who he brings. This was a JATPjazz night to long remember - the whole place brimmed with anticipation all night long (and all toilets available !!??), all with grins from ear to ear. Catch this band when you can - they don't get out together as much as they'd like but when they do - you're gonna know about it!! The utterly Imperious ELEMENTS : Roomdarkener Rod Mason - s, etc., Paul Kilvington - keys, Richard Hammond - b and Dave Walsh - d.

05 June 2015 - Sally Doherty Quartet

‘Intimate and passionate’, Sally has the most beautiful voice - perfect for the latin she chooses and what a terrific band? Carrying the complex, the quick and the two combined with consummate ease anyone so fortunate, or sensible, to take this band in, is in for a major musical treat. 

 Sally Doherty – v, Paul Kilvington – p, Frank Grime – db, 

Caroline Boaden - d.

15 May 2015 - Matt Owens Quintet

Well if the line-up of this band was not sufficient 'heraldry', then the experience of it surely informed such 'innocence'! What a knock-out! It would be grossly unfair to single any individual out for special praise for brilliance abounded across the piece. Ríoghnach's Twitter 'monica' is BustyMinefield - Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread etc  but what a character and what a voice - range, grit, angelic beauty, devlish humour - TERRIFIC! and Mister Yates' flugelhorn reached a dexterity rarely, if ever found on the instrument. John Ellis was the consummate pianist everyone is coming to expect these days bringing the keyboard to vigorous life, none of this being possible without the delightful rhythmic bedrock deftly crafted by Matt and Sam. Do get to see this band and it's memebers in their numerous and varied forms - thrilling delight awaits.

Ríoghnach Connolly - v, Neil Yates - tr/whistle,John Ellis - p, Matt Owens - b,Sam Draper - d

01 May 2015 - Al Wood Quintet

"I have it on good authority, for the reporter never lies - not even about her age!!, that the Al Wood Quintet took the amassed JATPjazz faithful on a magnificent and veritable tour of the classical jazz 'genres' to excellent and welcome effect. "Gerry Mulligan sure met Benny Carter" in the form of the Al Wood Quintet featuring Al Wood - Alto / Bari Sax, Trevor Vincent - trumpet/flugel, Martin Longhawn - piano, Garry Jackson - bass, Caroline Boaden - drums.

03 April 2015 - Tom Harrison Quartet

A distinct lack of vocabulary has resulted in severe malnourishment of the reptilian; and the severe battering of the corvine populations of Bradford, and yet, on this occasion I am forced to aggravate these conditions. Starve the Lizards! Stone the Crows! the Tom Harrison Quartet are "the proverbial breath of fresh air. To hear tunes you actually know rather than originals that will probably never be heard again gives the band a head start with me. I know there are others who will disagree even though the actual improvisations were as complex as any of the "I wrote this tune in the bath last night" variations so beloved by many of today's emerging jazz musicians.
Harrison successfully incorporates facets of the great modern alto players such as Bird, Cannonball, Ornette and Dolphy welding them into a distinctive style of his own. Sheriff, no stranger to Tyneside is very much the thinking man's pianist producing rich and at times unusual harmonic variations,
Read, a composer and leader in his own right (write?), slots in perfectly soloing effectively without flamboyance.
Drummer Lyttle, by contrast, is flamboyance personified - sartorially speaking, he could be Sky Masterson from Guys and Dolls! This panache is magnified after he mounts the drum throne. The most original stickman I've seen/heard yet and I've seen them all!
Hand drumming, sticks, brushes, sometimes a combination of all three, plus various items of percussion such as shakers, triangle, tambourine, drinking glass and God knows what else! And all without missing a beat!" (part of Lance Liddle's excellent, infinitely wittier and more knowledgeable review of the THQ gig at Splinter Jazz, Newcastle on 5 April 2015)

06 March 2015 - Tom Green Septet
So now we see / hear first-hand what all the national jazz press fuss is all about! This band are PHENOMENAL! Composition, arrangement, performance? All Top Draw. Do get to see them and don't be surprised to find yourself counting the number of band members, impelled by the incredulity of your ear'oles that are convinced there's a tridectet on stage. Staggeringly GOOD!
Tom Green – trom, Sam Miles – ts, Tommy Andrews –  t/as, James Davison – tr/fh, Sam James – p, Misha Mullov-Abbado – db, JJ Wheeler - d.

06 February 2015 - Wildflower Sextet
An all-star band indeed!!! Absolutely RIPPING Jazz right across the piece playing a glorious tribute to Wayne Shorter, their music tinged thereby, of course, yet no plagiarism here whatsoever with glorious original music of the highest order, punctuated by the occasional 'classic' cover so splendidly massaged, kicked, bent and twisted to their whim. Wildflower Sextet are the most enjoyable of jazz ensemble. Check them out for a thrillingly refreshing jazz blast.
Matt Anderson – ts, Laura Jurd – tr, Alex Munk –  g, Jamil Sheriff – p, Sam Gardner – d, 
Sam Vicary – db

16 January 2015 - Last Summer's Tealights

What a terrific band LST are !! - teaming with nuance and intricate harmony and interplay. An ensemble of seemingly dissonant 'voices' which meld together in numerous combinations to such glorious effect, impelled by virtuosic musicianship ans delightful personalities.
Strong melodies, jazz harmonies. Part classical, folk,  pop, hymnal, the music is a peculiar, yet highly engaging, hotchpotch of shared influences. Arising from a series of saxophone/marimba duets developed during a Scottish winter : a relatively new project bringing together experienced players from a diverse range of jazz, classical, flamenco and middle‐eastern musical backgrounds. The engaging, the refreshing, the unique LST are :- Joe Browne - s, ts, Hal Hutchison - mar, p, Shirley Smart - c, Demi Garcia Sabat - perc., Nic Breakspear - db

02 January 2015 - Zoe Gilby Quartet with Jazz North 

I realise that I am a 'soft, old Hector' possibly when it comes to reviewing the wonderful bands we are blessed with at JATPjazz. I do confess to some bias - I would, wouldn't I? I pick 'em! So, a New Year, maybe a new 'style'? ..
The Zoë Gilby Quartet are one ARSE-KICKING Jazz Ensemble! Zoë has such a fresh approach to her vocal composition and interpretation, which allied to her supreme vocal talent and ability must make her one of the premier Jazz Voices around - and I apply no geographical limitations here. Attributed to Zoë's late father - Mike Gilby - great jazz composer and trumpeter, a generous empathy, nay encouragement of the musicians behind her to express themselves liberally and at length - a most important requirement I suggest for a 'complete' vocal artist, and consider that those musicians themselves are of THE HIGHEST MARQUE, then you have a jazz ensemble with EVERYTHING - Beautiful, characterful voice for the Ladies [and 'soppy date' Blokes? ;¬)p)] and the raw, gritty jazz musical power for those cadgers that think words 'get in the way' of jazz.
Judging by the response of a highly appreciative JATPjazz audience who 'voted' with their wallets on CD's in significant number, I think it is impossible to recommend the Zoë Gilby Quartet sufficiently HIGHLY! 
Please put your superior descriptive talents to print - Go see them and review. You will be so, so far from being disappointed!

Zoë Gilby - v, Mark Williams - g, Andy Champion - b, Richard Brown - d

Big Thanks to Jazznorth for rostering Zoë as a northernline Ambassador - inspired choice!

05 December 2014 - Kasseldown

I was advised by the entirely trustworthy Steve Crocker (SevenJazz, Leeds 7) that Kasseldown Quintet were a quite exceptional band. Noted jazz traveller, Tom Gallagher, further advised that he had been forced to eat his hat on the matter of composition tuition having seen them. No indecision then in adding Kasseldown Quintet to the JATPjazz schedule. Jumping Jehosephat!! What understatement! Harry Orme is a composer of great rarity and talent. Somewhat untypical of a guitarist / composer, he is so highly sensitive and sympathetic to the other instruments, it is almost unbelievable. I tell you it is a crime that these guys are not 'on record' and they sit in the shadow of none of their possibly more famous counterparts from the south. DO get to see this band. Their pad is variegated, but so pleasingly so - barely a genre untouched but it all alloys together so seamlessly - not a fracture plane in sight. Bloody Terrific!! As a leader and 'frontman', the delightful Harry Orme - a real credit to this generation in ALL seriousness! - is such a lovely young man, it fills the heart of an old(er) Curmudgeon that all is certainly not lost for the future of humanity and jazz. Likewise Harry's bandmates. 
Harry Orme – g, Will Howard – ts, Martin Longhawn – p, Simon Read – db, Matt Parkinson – d 

28 November 2014 - John Etheridge's Trio North
.. completely 'wasted' a numerous and appreciative crowd of jazzers and axe-freaks from far and wide with a thrilling, rejuvenated performance leaving one and all enthralled with a staggering display of the timeless talents which have made John Etheridge one of the UK's True Leading Guitarists, going from strength to strength, and for which we are all grateful, not least John himself.
Both JETN and Glyde House were cock-a-hoop with the whole gig and long may ECGJazz gigs continue in such vein

07 November 2014 - LOCUS

The LOCUS front line have been variously described in complementary terms, such as 'electric'. In fact I reckon it's more like fision! Kim, Leah and Riley complement and support each other sublimely, each in their own way to a very wide-ranging and intense effect.
Of course the front line always gets first mention, yet this should not infer that the rhythm section is not equally and similarly talented. Surely it follows, they would have to be at least their equal and in fact they are and it is this 'super jazz glue' which holds this EXCELLENT band together. Terrifically varied sets leaving ne'er a genre untouched almost, made for a HIGHLY entertaining evening of super quality jazz which I thoroughly and heartily endorse. 
Kim Macari - tr, Leah Gough-Cooper - as, Riley Stone-Lonergan - ts, Sam Leak - p,  Tom Wheatley - b, Jay Davis - d

24 October 2014 - Samadhi

Samadhi are a very beguiling almost hypnotic band who 
surprise in unexpected ways in 'jazz' terms. Their music is thrilling in both ensemble and improvised solos with the whole piece amounting to a musical experience easily in excess of the sum of the parts. Of course, given the ages of these guys, there's bound to be an injection of modern music, not necessarily jazz, yet the outcome is surely none the worse for it, so deftly is it applied. OK so it's not another regurgitation of 50's / 60's USA jazz - that is it's beauty - this is adventurous stuff yet it frightens no horses, so, all you Be-Boppers, climb on board Samadhi's musical extravaganza to experience the musical pleasure which can exist on such well-laid foundations. Their 'Giant Steps' is an excellent example of how 'the music' develops - A Cracker!
Nick Jurd stepped in on bass here at some short notice and demonstrated with ease and skill what a terrific bassist he is fast becoming - power, sensitivity and discretion - admirable qualities for the guy 'hiding' at the back, dots or not! The rest of this excellent band amply lived-up to their 'rightly' growing reputations - this is SOME Band and well worth the seeing. Catch them on tour now
Krzysztof Urbanski - ts , Dominic J Marshall - p, Nick Jurd - b, Sam Bell - p, 
Sam Gardner - d

03 October 2014 - Ollie Howell Quintet

WHAT AN ABSOLUTE "Grab you by the lugs" band this is. They were 'crackin' last time out and we expected no less this time of course. Three late changes might squash their 'mojo' a bit? one might have thought. Well not a bit of it - this is one terrific, highly engaging and ultra-listenable band and I do believe it is the quality and attractiveness of composition which ensures that the joy abounds almost regardless of line-up.
And then there is the mortar binding the courses together which is Ollie - what a composed composer he is! his intros and reasoning for the tracks are eloquently, effortlessly and entertainingly delivered ensuring that audience engagement is a continuous and delightful process.
Do go see them - “Sutures and Stitches” is an incredibly album - it's 'live' manifestation really is spectacularly good! so good I shall have to adjourn whilst I adjust my scale of vertigineity.
Henry Spencer – tr, Krzysztof Urbanski – ts, Tom Millar – p, Max Luthert – db, Ollie Howell – d

19 September 2014 - The Allsorts

Jazz Musicians 'The Allsorts presented Saltaire Festival with a high-quality set covering a wide range of moods and emotions, exuding the joy of making music together. An impressive array of soloists who support and bring the best out of each other. KP’s compositions build on traditions of modern jazz, combining tight, enticing ensemble playing with expressive and expansive soloing. I am tempted to say Weather Report meets Art Blakey...except Katie's smile is even bigger.' -Eddie Lawler 
Katie Patterson - d, Russ Henderson - ts, tbc -g, Peter Gavin - b, Oli Cadman - keys

05 September 2014 - Dominic J Marshall Trio

I and a good few others judging by post gig comments and compliments (to the band of course) thoroughly attest Mr Parker's assessment ...
"...a considerable pianistic talent...pleasingly self-absorbed but consistently communicative and inventive piano solos that really impress...featuring an intense, fiercely interactive trio." (Chris Parker - LondonJazz)  ....
Notwithstanding a perceived, occasional nod to Bill Evans, Dominic J Marshall Trio's adherence to convention stops there - these young men are ejecting the rote of jazz trio and taking the form in new, exciting and highly unexpected direction with much invigoration and delight, and all power to their scrawny elbows, says I
Dominic J Marshall - p, Sam Vicary - b, Sam Gardner - d

22 August 2014 - John Fleming Quintet

Sadly owing bereavement, Andy Bunting was unable to make this gig, so Tom Ford stepped into the void replacing piano with guitar.
WHAT A NIGHT! Scottish Young Jazz Musician of the Year, John Fleming sure knows how to compose both music and bands and Percy Pursglove - fh, Tom Ford - g, Nick Jurd - b, and  Jonathan Silk - d certainly know how to play and to superb effect. It would be unfair to highlight individuals, such was the broad contribution to the magnificent end result and so I urge you to take this band in when next in your region - nay!, whenever any of these musicians are on the stand - they are the real deal and got ECGjazz off to the best possible start. Suffice to say, this band will be on JATP's roster as soon as I can fit them in.
Also, Many Thanks to the JATPjazz faithful for adding to this gig. Your interest and support is much appreciated and, of course, we hope more join your splendid company

04 July 2014 - Brian Acton Quartet

In typical, and might I add 'forecast', style, Brian Acton eagerly and energetically set about an eclectic 'pad' displaying his broad talents for all forms of music capable of being 'jazzed' - rock, pop, American Songbook - something for everyone in fact and much to the appreciation of the assembled audience (and one absentee) who left sated and looking forward to JATPjazz' new season starting in September 2014. 
Thanks all for your invaluable support.

Brian Acton – guitar, vocals, Tim Thorpe – sax, Bruce Reid – bass, Martin Davies - drums

06 June 2014  - Richard Iles' Microscopic with Jazz North

It may well have been 'austerity' which stimulated the formation or 'distillation' of Microscopic from Richard Iles' Miniature Brass Emporium but I can tell you that there is nothing remotely 'austere' about the music which is so spectacularly beautiful in it's composition and virtuosic performance (across the piece) that one is completely transported away from the manacling misery of the very measures which brought it about. I hope this does not form a case for such further misery, though I fear this has later come to pass : and .
So for all your uplifting and spirit-rejuvenating musical elixir, look out for a Microscopic incarnation near you
Richard Iles - trumpet, Mike Williams - alto sax, Percy Pursglove - bass (confined there by 'The Boss' who freely concedes that Percy is a 'demon' trumpeter, Les Chisnall - piano
PS! you don't notice the absence of percussion until they quit the premises in a remarkably short period

16 May 2014 - HSQ + 2 with Jazz North 
An invigorating, nay, uplifting, nay refreshing saxophonic blast swept through Glyde House gathering cobwebs and all in it's vortex, and with the excellent and delightful punctuative injections of percussion and harp, neural networks were left tingling and anew. A band worth checking out for sure, as are Mr Wilson's Second Liners, whom might catch you unawares at any sun-soaked (Yes! I know - 'scary' isn't it? that golden orb traversing UK skies?) outdoor event giving a refreshing jazz treatment to all manner of music from which you might otherwise have 'fled'

Jim Collins - flute, alto sax, baritone sax, Will Lenton - tenor sax, Helen Pillinger - alto sax, tenor sax, Helena Summerfield - baritone sax, soprano sax, Hugh Lawrence - perc, Rachael Gladwyn - harp

02 May 2014 - JJ Wheeler Quintet

What a bristling band! A highly accomplished collection of musicians - right on the money and the beat all night long, collectively and individually, playing a good 20 minutes over the norm and endlessly entertaining, alloying the past with the present beautifully. The JJ Wheeler Quintet are a cracking outfit comprising highlights of the UK Jazz 'new wave' and highly recommended for a viewing. 

JJ Wheeler - drums, Chris Maddock - alto sax, Nadim Teimori - tenor sax, Sam James - piano, Paul Trippett - Bass

04 April 2014 - Tessa Smith Quintet

Well I reckon the be-legged and be-tailed reptiles of Bradford must be so malnourished now as to have attracted the attentions of the RSPCA as the quality of jazz at JATPjazz maintains such a high level as to cause yet another "STARVE THE LIZARDS!". Reptilean owners! - this is exclamatory, not instructive, yet highly suitable for the absolutely knock-out band which is the Tessa Smith Quintet - this band has got the lot - a leader who engages the audience with song, wit and utter charm and a band to die for which is given most ample opportunity to shine - and shine they did. 
Stuart McDonald - sax, Andy Cholerton - piano, Bruce Reid - bass and John Arnesen - drums must be the perfect band - No Wonder Tessa Smith - vocals, frolics is always smiling and the audience to-boot with all good reason. Take them in for a jazz spectacular!

07 March 2014 -  Ben Crosland Qrt

WHAT A BLINDING evening of Jazz we had from the Ben Crosland Quartet. All expectations as previously expressed came to pass in glorious musical abundance.
Rather than prattle on as I often do, the words of one of JATPjazz's newcomers, a very nice American Lady, say it all. "I've just returned from 4 weeks in Florida, visiting family and vacationing and I've seen lot's of great jazz bands whilst I was there - but none of them were a patch on the Ben Crosland Quartet". This summoned the question from Ben as to whether Jet2 'do' Florida. We are quite happy with you here, me old Mucker!  

Check-out Rod Mason - saxes, flute,  Paul Kilvington - piano, Ben Crosland - bass, Dave Tyas - drums

07 February 2014 - Josh Kemp Qrt

Josh Kemp is :-
- a smashing bloke
- a very subtle wit
- exceedingly likeable and accessible
- a BLINDINGLY GREAT saxophonist ..
.. who treated the JATPjazz faithful to an evening of musical delights and thoroughly blew his socks off into the bargain. Most ably supported and augmented on this occasion by Jamil Sheriff - piano, Pete Turner - bass, Dave Walsh - drums who, throughout the evening, were invited to the musical fore to excellent and varied effect with subtle punctuation from Josh and on many such occasions double heading on tenor and/or alto and/or soprano. Scintillating stuff which must surely pack the houses on Josh's current UK-wide tour - do get along to one of the gigs which you'll find at - it will money well spent, but not quite so well, possibly, as at JATPjazz

An interesting and varied composer .. showed that there is still plenty of life in the post-bop tradition - Jazz UK

The music breathes beautifully with subtle light and shade and it is shot through with feeling. This is mature, fully realized jazz of a high order, and a pleasure to hear Ian Carr

17 January 2014 - GOGO PENGUIN

To those good people who have supported JATPjazz through thick and thin and who we could not admit owing to Fire Cert restrictions, our sincere apologies. This is the first time ever we've had to do this, and whilst we do love a big crowd, we hope it is something we do not have to repeat, but then Friday was Gogo Penguin. 

** Originally scheduled for 05 July 2013 **
OK, I keep bleating-on about this reschedule? Well that's because these guys, possibly despite the advice of their Manager, honour their word. This trio were the canine's reproductive organs last time yet still they go from strength to strength, a point endorsed by the crowd, not only in their number, but also their vigorous, enthusiastic response. GgP's star has surely ascended to the firmament propelled by the likes of Jamie Cullum and head-turning performances at some big UK and European festivals, so £7 / £5 Members and NUS, was an absolute 'steal' and let me tell you, 'the robbers' were out. A crowd of 84 (with 4 + 10 sat in the foyer on audio only) arrived to be slaughtered by some epic trio jazz. Oft are these guys compared to EST (as is the Critic's wont to compare all jazz music with what has passed in large sales previously) but I observe that their nod to EST has turned into something of a musical 'Glasgow Kiss'. These guys have moved it on and up various gears, if not a full box. Their music is energised, vital, fully and beautifully textured and plain bloody THRILLING - there wasn't a knodding head in the house - a musical caffeine, or codeine even and all with grins like cats overdosed on catnip.
You've got to see this band - simple as that, but £7 will not cover it, unless of course, like a tight Yorkshireman, the promoter wisely 'booked early.
Absolute Jazz Nirvana - Knockout!

Chis Illingworth - piano, Nick Blacka - bass and Rob Turner - drums

03 January 2014 - THE WEAVE - a Jazz North ‘northern line’ gig.
.. last night was an odd affair as it was our first gig at The Glyde and we had little in the way of 'cold-runs' because of the available time between quitting the Irish Club, attending to the festivities, brochures etc so we were poorly prepared. But there were lots in, and I reckon there was 20 - 30% new faces and of those we got chance to speak to, most said they would be back, liked the venue, it's location. the vibe AND 'the terrific music' .. .. Oh!, the MUSIC! - . . what an unqualified GLORY this gig was - the compositions, the musicality, the humour, the virtuosic talent right across the piece and the connection with the audience and each other was of a rare and exceedingly high order. The Weave's latest compositions (now emanating from the rest of the band in addition to Leader, Martin Smith) mixed with the 'older' album stuff was a perfect fit, beautifully juxtaposed and of thrilling and quite breath-taking variety. Weave's self-description - "A mind-bogglingly diverse collective CV of influences and experiences such as Digby Fairweather, Ian Carr, Jim Mullen, John Martyn and Arthur Brown, while names such as Super Furry Animals, The Coral and Albert Lee are fascinating head-turning tangents . All combine to deliver a brilliantly original new musical kaleidoscope of ideas and a soundscape like no other, spanning the bridge of several generations where no genre is denied access to the party of parties" -  is spot-on, if not in fact a tad understated. 
The Weave may be a new project in it's early days but they have a terrific foundation in Smith's playing, writing, on-stage persona and leadership and absolutely all the components in terms of band mates, their abilities and attitudes and a collective love and 'feel' for the music that the rapid progress I've detected in the past 8 months is staggeringly good. The Weave have run their brand new motor in and continue to up the revs with such an excellent, and in a few cases surprising, variety of music, genres and tempos, they have the audience hanging on their every musical word. The Weave's is not a simple 'jazz', but it is hugely effective and benefits from the variety of experiences of it's source - breaching the conventional bounds of 'jazz' which puts these guys in a different ball park, and a vitally refreshing one. 
Brian Bicat (80-something !!) - previous JATPjazz Organiser for 10 years, said afterwards that Tony Ormesher had completely restored his jaded faith in the splendour of 'jazz guitar' - citing him as the best f******g guitarist he's ever heard - not a loop or a pedal in sight. Brian has 'been about' in international jazz terms, and can be a curmudgeonly old git who saves his compliments till they're almost rotten, so this is high (and certainly to me justified) praise and typical of all these guys 
Martin Smith - trumpet, Tony Ormisher - guitar, Tilo Purnbaum - drums, Rob Stringer - piano, Hugo Harrison - double bass, Tony Peers - trumpet 

A pretty well 'last-minute' change of personnel and 'pad' did absolutely nothing to extinguish the flaming arrows emanating from Tom Harrison's sax or to save the wax on Jamie Tatylor's incendiary fretboard. Pete Turner pounded-out a relatively unfamiliar beat as if he'd been at it years with frequent, yet no less excellent flourishes and Caroline Boaden once again showed what an excellent,  high quality and exquisitely discrete drummer she truly is, keeping the whole crowd bursting for a 'run' which was delivered finally with such thrilling technique and effect, that her bushel almost conflagrated. This really was one of THE JATPjazz gigs of all time - an absolute pearler leaving our audeience so bewitched there were numerous comments passed postulating whether a whip-round might induce a third, extended set. This lot will definitely be coming back! I urge you to keep an eye on Tom's website as he and Jamie are planning a Spring Tour - do go! - these people are jazz gold I tell you!

Tom Harrison - flute, alto sax, Jamie 'Bob' Taylor - guitar, Pete Turner - bass, Caroline Boaden - drums

An absolute CRACKER from the PAUL BAXTER QUARTET amply demonstrating why their album 'Monuments' spent a couple of weeks at the top of JAZZCD's new releases chart. Tom Harrison taking his sax to seemingly impossible extents at both ends of it's normal register and to devastating effect. Tom Taylor tackled the contemporary harmonies with ease and beautiful intricacy. Paul Baxter holding the whole piece together with the ease to which we have now become accustomed and assured and Jon Ormston, with kit so minimal it looked as if something was missing, yet sounded as if he'd brought much more, driving this boisterous jazz bus along with consummate ease and a massive grin, despite the changes of mood and tempo. A cracking band to a man!
Tom Harrison – alto sax, Tom Taylor - piano, Paul Baxter - double bass, Jon Ormston - drums 

01 Nov 2013 - SKAMEL 
Manchester-based Reggae-Jazz crossover SKAMEL arrived, almost unanimously, with spectacular facial hair creations - some charitable (Mowvember), some "lifestyle choice" - whatever they were, they were impressive but in no way prepared us for the musical spectacular with which they laid waste to an excellent, enthusiastic and appreciative audience, thereby creating a long-memorable evening of superb jazz, made all the better by reggae injections of varying degree. Given their provenance, this will be no surprise perhaps, yet for all that, as an ensemble, these guys have got the lot! Book them now, or go to see them - there are not many 'jazz' bands which immediately produce those involuntary pelvic thrusts propelling the eager towards the dancefloor, and I tell you, there were some amongst us presenting such pelvic gyrations that I thought otherwise barely able to walk, so get down to see SKAMEL for that "take up thy bed and walk" jazz rejuvenation. James Adolpho – double bass and razor, Tim Cox – trombone and Lucanesque moustache, Anton Hunter – guitar/fx and a nice sprinkling, Johnny Hunter – drums, electronic percussion and "five-a-side" Nick Walters – trumpet and beard to die for, Ben Cottrell – tenor sax and progressing nicely - are a Thrill!


I must confess to being unavoidably detained elsewhere on 04 Oct but most disappointed was I to miss this gig. And by all and many accounts, the Ollie Howell Quintet were the 'business'. As one regular most succinctly put it "you'd pay a lot more to hear a lot worse", which in Yorkshire is the highest of praise for sure. Thus Ollie got his album tour off to a terrific start and I urge you on this basis to check-out for all the latest in this respect and where you can next experience the glorious music and playing of Mark Perry – trumpet, Duncan Eagles – tenor saxophone, Matt Robinson – piano, Max Luthert – double bass, Ollie Howell – drums/compositions 


The result of Julie and Kevin's 13 year stint far and wide around the music scene was amply evident as the Edwards-Dearden Quintet got JATPjazz's 2013/2014 season off to a very classy start. No limit was there to either their pad or their talents, with Messrs Kainyek, Turner and Lawrence lending full and impressive weight to the rear with top drawer musicianship and expression. A belting evening of jazz which I heartily endorse and urge you to see at the earliest opportunity where you will be bathed in Latin, groove, ballads and swing tunes with nods to Anita O'Day, John Meyer and possibly Carlos Santana! 

Julie Edwards - vocals, Kevin Dearden - guitar, Ed Kainyek - saxes, Dave Turner - double bass , Hugh Lawrence - drums


** Generously sponsored by long-term Patron, Mr Keith Jennings Esq **

Jamil Sheriff - piano, 
Pete Turner - bass 
Dave Walsh - drums

I'd like to apologise for the delay in reporting on the JS Trio gig of 05 July but I cannot as I've purposely delayed to see if the musical thrill of the event actually wore off. So here I am and it most definitely has not! What an unqualified masterpiece it was - one of the top gigs of the season and we have had some crackers. I particularly loved Jamil's 'takes' - the subtle balance  of Jamil's interpretation and occasional adherence to which was simply sublime. Yet this observation seeks in no way to cast shadow on the Jamil's original material which was equally abundant and most impressive. All three musicians were top drawer - Jamil's key work was an enormous amalgam of the likes of Evans, Jarrett et al, but subsumed into his own personality and style and to most excellent effect. This might seem an odd comment, but if you listen very intently to Jamil, the result most massively outweighs the effort in so doing - extraordinary! It was also particularly satisfying to hear the great Dave Walsh in trio form - always a 'class' act but that bit of extra 'room' really afforded the eagerly grasped opportunity to demonstrate with enhanced clarity what a monster stick man Mr Walsh truly is. And so to Pete Turner on bass - it says much of a man who can so excellently 'coral' two such 'longhorn' musical characters as Sheriff and Walsh to such a great extent that the audible outcome appeared to emanate from a number greater than three.
The JS Trio are part of Jazz North's 'northern line' support initiative, so do look out for them in your necks of the woods - they are well worth taking in for a massive night of the best piano trio jazz.
I strongly urge you to check-out the links below and whilst I am at it, Jamil is also pressing hard with his Big Band who have recently released a fabulous album "Icthiology" and let me tell you , there's nothing fishy about it whatsoever, other than to postulate why these guys are not all over the lists.

07 June 2013 - EYES SHUT TIGHT

Eyes Shut Tight, Paul Baxter (Bass), Tom Taylor (Piano) and Kristoffer Wright (Drums), presented two expansive sets - first half covering the trio's forthcoming 3rd album Resonance and the second reinforcing the brilliant compositional talents of Mr Baxter with a fine selection of tracks from their current album Thaw. Tom Taylor stood-in most impressively and athletically for the touring Johnny Tomlinson delivering thrilling, almost ballistic keywork. Definitely a trio to catch at the earliest opportunity.
"There are a lot of piano trios around but Eyes Shut Tight deserve to be rated right up there amongst the best of them". - The Jazz Mann


You are probably bored to death with my reviews so I repeat here the email I sent to Nicola the following morning - almost verbatim .. 

what a MINT gig that was last night - Thrilling on every level - not seen such unanimity of grinning chops in a good while. We've had some absolutely knock-out gigs this year (with careful selection and programming of course,  you understand - actually that's bollo&s) with some absolute rippers but you guys are in the shadow of none of 'em, most surely. So innumerable thanks for a stupendous evening of jazzy entertainment as it's so much more than the music alone with you, though your music is easily sufficient alone - Top Drawer Babe! 
Piero Tucci is a world-class musician without doubt - I swear some of those keys were depressing themselves - a bit like the Sorcerer's Apprentice almost. You are of course the Queen Pin around which it all revolves so beautifully in all respects, but I MUST add that your Phil is a quiet monster lurking almost anonymously in the background. Being the observant sort as I am (?!?), it wasn't until you were packing up that I realised he only had his snare and bass drums out (plus cymbals of course), but to keep you other two little Jazz Japesters in all manners of rhythmic alignment and rattle off those excellent, ripping runs is an enormous feet with such minimal equipment - TERRIFIC! So I salute you three who leave a crowd feeling as if they've watched a Nonet - Truly Excellent

.. and "yes!" we had dancers!! 


What a full-weight bunch of barn-storming jazzers are Katie Patterson's Allsorts. A band teeming with surprises of all manner and effortlessly capable of any musical genre, quite frequently within the same 'number'. A veritable musical smorgasbord with respect to both music and performers, yet so beautifully alloyed. An excellent choice of music, virtuosically performed ranging from a beguilingly 'laid-back' Holdsworth's "Fred" (and there was I looking for a full-on guitar blast from Mr Svela) to the hard-driving, games-console trip which is Russ Henderson's excellent "86'd" and yet another "where angels fear to tread" venture into the  hallowed ground of Return to Forever with "Medieval Overture" with Oli Cadman wrestling with an unruly keyboard and big Russ saving the day. These people have no fear, and in my experience, no limit to their talents. Find out for yourselves - Fill Yer Boots at :-
15 May @ The Lescar, Sheffield, 8:30pm £5 
13 June @ The New Bradford Playhouse 8:30pm, £6
15 September @ Lancaster Jazz Festival (Lancaster Brewery) 2:30pm
Katie Patterson - drums
Russ Henderson - sax 
Eirik Svela - guitar
Oli Cadman - keys
Peter Gavin - bass

05 April 2013 - NICKI ALLAN SEXTET

2010 Jazz Yorkshire Vocalist of the year, Nicki with a 'killer' band plus the best jazz audience in the North!? The perfect formula for an evening of the best of all jazz worlds - serene vocals, supreme stagecraft, 'dirty' instrumentals, piano solo and flawless musicianship from :-
Nicki Allan - voice
Joel Purnell - tenor sax 
Jim Corry sax 
Graham Hearn - piano 
Adrian Knowles - bass 
Ronnie Bottomley - drums

- a truly exceptional evening of jazz of the highest marque. Faultless performances across the piece and Mr Bottomley's arrangements are a further wonder to behold - completely refreshing to even the most exercised of 'standards'. Do get to see them when you can - you will not be disappointed. In fact you will be further amazed by the band member never listed, the good Mrs Bottomley. What greater love can a woman have for a man than to lug his drum-kit from car to gig, distribute heavy stand cases hither and thither under the instruction of The Master according his every whim, sit and enthusiastically watch the gig and then reverse the whole process. I tell you I've seen beasts of burden relieved of much less onerous duties in the name of Her Maj. So when the laurels for selfless devotion to 'jazz' are handed out, I propose the excellent Mrs Bottomley. She is a Star!


In the opinion of most of the JATPjazz faithful, Phil Meadows was a 'Master of Jazz' long before his trek 'sarf' to collect the parchment of proof - however I do believe the experience has served Phil well! His last JATP gig was an unadulterated BLAST! All listeners seemed to depart with permanent smiles and grins. Well this most recent visit eclipsed even that - What a wang-dang-doodle gig it was - Phenomenal! - why Phil is not all over the Jazz CD racks just beggers belief. The variety and intensity of his writing, playing and improv is utterly jaw-dropping. A quick skip through the line-up reveals a cohort of SERIOUS up-and-comers, whom, whilst still studying, are raising, almost to their elastic limit, the eyebrows of London's Jazz cognoscenti. The fact that these 'guys' clearly love playing Phil's music in his band speaks volumes for the whole bunch. Thus I ask myself why some jazz clubs inquire as to the age, geography and academic status of such excellent musicians - if they're good enough, they're old enough. Ask Omar Puente (violin and broad grin) - he was there and joined Phil Meadows (saxes) Laura Jurd (trumpet), Elliot Galvin (piano), Conor Chaplin (bass) and Steve (Chief) Hanley (drums) on stage. Join them yourselves at the next opportunity for the best jazz!. 

01 March 2013 - TIM FRANKS QUARTET

The keen-eyed Jazz Watcher or Goer will instantly recognise the personnel here - Tim Franks (drums) Tim France (sax), Gary Boyle (guitar) and John Sandham (bass) - each having broad and high-calibre CVs with the likes of Mike Westbrook, Jack Bruce, Dick Heckstall-Smith, Chris Farlowe and Mike Walker, to name but a few, under both the 'Experience' and 'References' sub-headings. Quite commensurate then that they laid a musical waste to an appreciative, enthusiastic and engaging JATPjazz audience with their expertly presented, highly entertaining and most accessible groove-driven take on the contemporary jazz repertoire


Claire James, piano, 
Gavin Barras, bass and 
Jake Walker, drums ..
.. treated the JATPjazz faithful, whose ranks continue to swell steadily, to an evening of high class piano trio jazz bristling with epitomic technique. Look out for Claire and do take in her wonderful technique. Her classical grounding is certainly to the benefit of her jazz yielding a beguiling subtlety in composition and performance. High Brow!
‘A highly promising snapshot of a young trio with bags of potential’.


Alas, the old MC succumbed to one of the numerous cold-related variants abounding and had to 'blob'. Bicât the Great stepped up to the plate to host a cracking Matt Chandler gig.
Ian Beestin (drums) texted me (at half time - not whilst performing) to say "Good turnout and good times being had" and Ian's cousin mailed ""Hi Ian - my friends and I had a really good evening last Friday . I think i'm getting to like Jazz. Love Jude x" so there you have it from other horses mouths - Cracking Audience, Cracking Band and a well-appreciated gig with marvelous music from a top class band augmented by Neil Hunter (keys), Geoff Pearson (bass) and Ian Beestin (drums). No surprise to hear then that Matt has won the internationally contested Eastman Guitars/ "Bob Barry - Jazzography in Black & White" sponsored Future Guitar Legend (tm) Talent search. Further evidence that we seem to know how to pick 'em 


Kate Peters (vocals) returned to JATP in her own right with her band of the brightest young jazz musicians in the region and what a Whalloper it was - classic jazz material fused with a delightful modern inflection in the most elegant reworkings of pop and country classics - Kate’s immensely rich and versatile voice and extraordinary stage-presence were an unbounded treat, most expertly augmented by Ian Chalk (trumpet), Tom Kline (sax), the long overdue Wayne Pollock (piano & keys), Aubin Vanns (guitar), John Marley (bass) and Joe Montague (drums)


"Fair enough!" - I may stand accused of bias in observing that the trumpetting of bands at JATPjazz is becoming too regular - well that's only because the bands we've had on have been just sooo 'drop-dead gorgeous' and MHE are definitely no exception. We've had 'em three times now - they were terrifically good the first time, better the second so one might suspect some 'plateauing'. Well not a bit if it! MHE just get better and better the more they play. Sadly, for those who've not sampled the endless joy of MHE's metric modulations and general jazz 'cheekiness', such occasions may well become further between as these guys have commitments elsewhere, so do get to see these guys at the next opportunity and sample UK Jazz' best kept secret. 
Steve Chadwick (trumpet, flugel-h), Nick Blacka (bass), Rob Turner (drums), Andrzej Baranek (piano) and 'old asbestos fingers' Tony Ormesher (guitar) are the blindingly excellent Magic Hat Ensemble

02 Nov 2012 TABATIME 

This band are quite simply the Dogs Bo££ock$! Presenting a mix of classical American electric piano informed jazz, such as Shorter's Witch Hunt and the odd McCoy Tyner classic in and amongst material by Dean Taba and his cohort, Tabatime laid waste an eager, appreciative and friendly audience with jazz of the highest quality to a man with Neil Hunter seemingly plugged into the power source supplying his very keyboard, his hands flashing up and down the board like lightning with not a note missed - phenomenal. Ian Chalk debuted yet his initial nerves melted away in the heat of battle to deliver an absolute treat tooing and froing with the sublime Ian Hill on sax - a master of expression - musical and facial, eloquent, articulate and engaging. And all this mastery supported by Mr Rock and Mr Steady (Messrs Beestin and Pearson) whi held the whole show in the grip of their exquisite, exciting and tight rhythm  Do try to get to see Tabatime! You will be amazed at Geoff Pearson (bass), Ian Hill (sax), Ian Chalk (tr & fh), Neil Hunter (keys) and Ian Beestin (drums) hitherto - so here’s your chance and top quality jazz too - Yikes!


These guys are so tight, you can hear them squeeking a mile away! SERIOUSLY, this is Bop of SERIOUSLY HIGH Quality - if you close your eyes, you might quite easily be in New York 60 years back. This is not to say that they are slavishly observing what has been - these guys add their own reinvigorating splash of youth and gurt sledgehammer of extraordinary talent. As one of our faithful, who plays a bit himself, put it "these guys should be millionaires with talent to burn like that " - do get to see these guys - you will be blown away! Jamie Brownfield (trumpet), Liam Byrne (sax), Andy Hulme (guitar), Nick Blacka (bass) and Marek Dorcik (drums) are BBQ


 Add a most satisfying dollop of Monk to the Mose Allison and Nat King Cole influence and you will get a hint of the variety to which we were exposed in the excellent jazz company of Kevin James. As one of our regulars observed "it's nice to hear new music, but it's delightful to be able to sing, whistle or hum-along to tunes you know" and so expertly tweaked and twisted by a master such as Kevin. So do pop along when next you see Kevin on the bill, for you are in for an evening of TERRIFIC, High Quality jazz of many colours and flavours - Yum Yum! 

.. are Dave Smyth - drums, Sam Rapley - saxes, Tom McCredie - double bass & Sam Watts - piano - a super-talented bunch of RAM’s finest who perfectly illustrated the glory of Dave Smyth's compositional talents in addition to his percussive arts. Hooky, energetic and intriguing scores  were the order of a gig teeming with the most accessible, exciting and invigorating jazz - keep your eye out for this busy ensemble and take in a belting night of jazz to boot.

01 June 2012 - Rod Mason's ELEMENTS
Ein Großer Fröhlicher Rod Mason - reeds, perc, Richard Weatherall - keys, Richard Hammond - bass and Dave Walsh - drums opened their musical legs and showed the crowd their inimitable class. A top-drawer outfit everytime, this occasion was made even more special by the substitution of Captain Dickie Allweather (off cruising somewhere) with the phenomenal
Jez Platt on guitar. The Big Gayer loves a guitar and did it show? As the jowly insurance hound might observe, "Oh, Yus!" - a whole new elemental dimension unfolded to set the JATPjazz bar yet higher. Look out for this ensemble - you will not be disappointed

Matt Gough - trumpet, f/horn, John Fleming - alto sax, Andy Bunting - keys, Nick Jurd - double bass & Ben Kane - drums blew an appreciative and typically responsive crowd right out of their seats with Matt's engaging, readily accessible and intelligent originals. In fact we had but one well disguised 'standard' all evening and all so excellently delivered with virtuosic musical wizardry across the piece. These young people deserve to be seen, you deserve to see them so catch them as soon as you can - check out for their gig list

06 April 2012 - GOGO PENGUIN
MASSIVE Mancunians, Gogo Penguin completely tore the JATPjazz house down! Melodic, Manic originals and heavily revised, yet recognisable takes utterly captivated an engaged and enthusuastic audience. Add to that the musical mastery of 
Chris Illingworth (piano), Grant Russell (double bass) and Rob Turner (drums) with their imaginative and fresh improvisational style and you will be in for an exciting evening  of rare and exquisite jazz and bass playing of such uniquity that your toes will curl BACK in the thrill. Do try and get to Gogo Penguin's next gig - and watch out for the masonry! 

23 March 2012 - STUART McCALLUM 
returned to JATPjazz to show-off his stunning new album DISTILLED and what a truly magnificent work it is - exquisite guitar, glorious strings and elegant percussion and a very tidy laptop - not to the liking of some but there aren't many stages or clubs that can afford, let alone accommodate 25 musicians, so licence should be freely given
to this lovely guy and his peerless ensemble : Stuart McCallum - guitar & electronica, Dave Walsh - drums and RNCM’s Prism String Quartet : Tom Crehan, Jake Phillips  - violins, Laura Feeney - viola & Tom Wilkes - cello 

02 March 2012 - Rosie Brown
Rosie description as "jazz perhaps, but not as you know it" is a fine example of 'least said' for Rosie Brown - vocals, Jamil Sheriff - piano, Jamie Taylor - guitar, Frank Grime - bass and Caroline Boaden - drums wowed a great audience with Rosie's original material plus an eclectic selection of re-works of Mitchell and Baez classics to bring JATPjazz a memorable evening of vocal jazz with liberal sprinklings of the supreme talents of Miss Boaden and Messrs Sheriff, Taylor and Grime. Rosie is a true mistress of her craft - Beguiling!

24 February 2012 - John Etheridge's Trio North
John Etheridge is one of the finest contemporary guitarist around - and Man! did he prove it. A rather small, yet enthusiastically appreciative audience witnessed not only John's astounding technique but his wit, character and even twinkle toes and all rounded-off so perfectly with a jaw-dropping treatment of Jimi Hendrix. SUPERB!

03 February 2012 - 2/3 of PARTIKEL drove up from London late Friday afternoon and  arrived by the skin of their teeth - which is what a rapturous and appreciative audience hung onto as they were swept along on a melodic jazz breaker of New York style dynamic with multiple African, Latin and even rock undercurrents. Oh Ye traditionalists that might worry about a trio with no piano - well fear not for Duncan Eagles - sax, Max Luthert - bass & Eric Ford - drums have everything covered with their rich, edgy and hooky compositions producing exhilarating full-bodied jazz - terrific on CD yet marvellously expanded even further, 'live'. These guys are carving a most intriguing and ground-breaking musical niche for themselves which really needs hearing live and then buy their albums - as did the JATPjazz faithful. In fact they probably broke our record. EXCELLENT JAAZZZZZ! Thus, with their pockets bulging with cripsy tenners, Duncan and Max returned straight back south to meet their Saturday morning commitments - surely such devotion to their cause deserves a hearing - check out for a gig near you.  

06 January 2012 Toby Greenwood's WE FREE KINGS were an absolute BLAST! and a near-record crowd. A simply BRILLIANT night - so good I completely forgot to get my solitary pint to wash down the orange+soda - driving you know
If you see these guys advertised, just go - not only will you will not be disappointed, you'll realise what a wealth of talent we have around these parts. 
Garry Jackson filled in for Richard Hammond who had a prior with a pantomime horse and Britain's tallest man. I'd have liked to watch Richard looking up to someone but then I'd have missed this peerless outfit.
Toby Greenwood - alto,tenor sax, Mark Chandler - flugelhorn, Kevin Holbrough - trombone, Jamil Sheriff - piano, Garry Jackson - bass & Dave Walsh - drums

16 December 2011 Nick Browne's "Somethin' Else"
 .. really were - I admit my laziness, but it's that simple - an excellent choice of name for a band and an excellent selection of fellow musicians. All still whippersnappers wrt "moi" but Man! can they play! The JATPjazz faithful had a treat and gave one back with their enthusiasm and rapport of almost unparalleled degree. Do get to see this band - their treatment of Cannonball Adderley is an absolute treat for the lug-holes, so don't delay
Nick Browne - alto, Kim Macari - trumpet, Riley Stone-Lonergan - tenor, tbc - piano, tbc - bass & old fiddlesticks himself Chief Steve Hanley - drums

02 December 2011 - Kim Macari Quartet
I believe I implied that Kim was the 'real deal' and made of tough stuff. Well trouper she is for despite a bout of flu requiring spending the week in bed, Kim blew her own socks off without batting an eyelid whilst entertaining the crowd, mid-tune, with her effusive charm. With the added delights of Riley Stone-Lonergan's bristling sax, the rock-solid bass of Max Sterling and the constantly chirruping and extraordinary percussion of Steve Hanley a rip-snorting evening of jazz came forth reassuring the audience that youth is not wasted on the young. TERRIFIC musicians, STORMING band - Do check them out soon before the bright lights lure them south.
04 November 2011 - Eyes Shut Tight
European Jazz Contest IV (2011) Finalists with Paul Baxter receiving a "Best Soloist" award in the process - EYES SHUT TIGHT were simply SUPERB! Unanimously wide grins from all the JATPJAzz Die-hards evidenced one of the premier JATPJazz gigs EVER! Educational committments and relative geography is limiting their performances at present but I strongly advise taking their gigs in if you get the chance - they are simply divine. Paul Baxter’s (b) rich compositions and effortless, glorious application - be it pizzicato or arco, provide sweeping landscapes for the sumptuous talents of rising piano star, Johnny Tomlinson - with his seamless and dextrous transitions of mood, style and pace - and the percussive power, subtlety and intense tune of drum-ace Kristoffer Wright
A whole infintely greater than the sum of the parts!      

07 October 2011 - Sarah Bennett / Curt Shaw Quartet
mesmerised a fantastic audience with a terrific variety of jazz but Sarah's latin jazz in native tongue was probably the highlight of a great evening augmented with possibly lesser-known masterpieces from Kenny Wheeler and Norma Winstone
Sarah Bennett - vocals, Curt Shaw - guitar, Richard Keates - bass and Dave Hassell - drums

02 September 2011 - Brian Acton Quartet
well we had ample notice with Trashcan that a brilliant evening was in-store and a good season-opener crowd were thrilled with jazz inspired by the likes of Tom Waits to the American Songbook classics with a marvellous Chet Baker style. Little wonder then that Brian is quickly impressing his name and that of his excellent band on the jazz circuit. It has been said that Brian could sell snow to Eskimos. This I seriously doubt - he's far too HOT! DOOOO check this band out LIVE! PS! - Anyone want a glass of water??
Brian Acton - guitar, vocals
Atholl Ransome - sax, flute
Bruce Reid - d.bass 
Rob Turner - drums                                                              

15 July 2011 - Jazz Extra - Trashcan Collective
Well Brethren and Sistren, the bins of Bradford Irish Club had a PROPER rattlin'. If Bruce's compositions were insufficient in themselves - and they certainly are not! - the ubercool of a most welcome, yet unexpected guest in Brian Acton playing guitar, gloriously singing glorious American Songbook classics whilst simultaneously selling snow to a band of fur-clad (well it is Bradford?) Inuit a-front, the scintillating sax of RCM Alumnus, Dan Berry and the trinkling keys of Nick Fletcher certainly topped-off a wonderful evening of  multi-facetted jazz and a fitting season-closer. Can't wait for Brian's return on 2 September 2011

Brian Acton - guitar, voice
Dan Berry - tenor sax
Nick Fletcher - piano
Bruce  Reid - bass
Rob Turner - drums

01 July 2011 - Joel Purnell Quartet  
It's been too long since Joel graced the JATPJazz stage but he made-up for his absence with a belting array of originals and some awesome horn work. I swear the front-rowers pushed their chairs back a tad for fear of conflagration resulting from the fire and embers propelling from Joel's sax. Marvellously supported by the criminally under-appreciated talents of Jamil Sheriff, John Perry and Pete Turner who stepped in so late, he was 'on the dots' - but you wouldn't ave known. A belting evening of top quality jazz, it's great to see Joel plying some trade locally and long may it prevail 'cos he's a thoroughly nice chap to boot. I would politely suggest a natty line in Nomex currently on offer at good outfitters. 
Joel Purnell - sax
Jami Sherrif - piano
Pete Turner - bass
John Perry - drums

03 June 2011 - Gary Boyle Qrt

Gary Boyle - guitar, Paul Birchall - keys, Bruce Reid - bass, Jonathan Hartley - drums

Mike Westbrook, Mike Gibbs, Soft Machine, Norma Winstone, Keith Tippet, Eddie Harris, Stomu Yamashta and Bert Jansch certainly were NOT wrong.
Gary, Paul, Bruce and Jonathan blew our jazz cobwebs right-off with a refreshing blast of fusion-tinged jazz, leaving the reformed 'rockers' with grins on their chops just like Gary's here to the right. Perhaps venturing where Angels fear to tread, Gary simply fluttered his wings at the likes of Chick Corea's Windows and Miles' Blue in Green with consumate mastery.. Toss in a spot of Hayabusha, Angola and Beast of Burden and even the impromptu Dobbin's Flowery Vale with Maggie Boyle and you have the Thomas More of Jazz - A Man for All Seasons.

                                          HEAVENS TO MURGATROYD !!!! - this young woman is BRILLIANT - the whole piece is TOP DRAWER.Evidence of NYJO's output of excellent musicians and vocalists is amply proved in one example with Sarah. Perhaps it is because of Sarah's talents as instrumentalist (not that she employed these talents here) and vocalist that puts her in, possibly, a unique position for Sarah is one of an extremely small group of vocalists that can sing every number, yet still leave you with the feeling that you've had a terrific night of low down, dirty, instrumental jazz - such is her instinctive empathy for the guys behind her. I find it difficult to overpitch Sarah as a Jazz Vocalist, composer, arranger and leader - she really is all things to all (wo)men. I confess to some ambivalence where 'words' and jazz music coexist, but after the performance of Sarah, Dan, Garry and Dave at JATPJazz I do declare my education continues.
DO go and see Sarah if you get the chance (Friday 13 May @ Wakefield Jazz is your next opportunity round these parts) because the Sarah Ellen Hughes Quartet are right on the money.
Check-out ... ....
Sarah Ellen Hughes- vocals, Dan Whieldon- piano, Garry Jackson - bass & Dave Walsh- drums

15 April 2011 - Jazz Extra - Matt Anderson Quartet
Jazz Yorkshire's Futures Selectee and JY Young Musician of the Year 2010, Matt Anderson - tenor sax, complete with Aubin Vanns - guitar  John Marley - bass and Sam Gardner - drums delivered two great sets of intelligent music which marvelously endorsed their growing reputation for musicianship and composition beyond their years, and again underlining what a great teaching establishment we are privileged to have right on our doorstep in Ledds College of Music - and not content with that alone, helped us celebrate Chairman Steve's 70 th Birthday. - and can students eat?!?!??
Check-out for up-coming gigs not to be missed

01 April 2011 - MAGIC HAT ENSEMBLE  kicked-off their latest 28-date UK tour and launched their terrific second album, Made In Gorton, at Bradford Irish Club.
Steve Chadwick - tr, Tony Ormesher - g, Andrzej Baranek - p, Nick Blacka - b, & Rob Turner - d, delivered a truly electric show of their rhythm-reoriented standards with the odd surprising interjection of slower numbers - and what a treat they all were. MHE continue to develop and demonstrate their extraordinary cohesion - they really are one of the most enjoyable bands to listen to and watch and they connect very well with the audience also. So for all you lucky jazz fans out there, yet to witness the thrill of MHE, do check out their website for a date near you soon. You will be most pleasantly surprised and refreshed

04 March 2011 - JJ Wheeler Quintet

flying in the face of the seemingly current conventional wisdom that a UK education ain't worth 'zip' are JJ (Whiskers) Wheeler (d), Charlie (wassup Doc) Portas (ts), Chris (fingers) Maddock (as), Ralph (Donny Boy) Brown (kbs) & Tom (Grandson of Roger ??) Moore (b) =  the JJ Wheeler Quintet. Still completing their studies at Birmingham Conservatoire (with Chris Maddock still not in his final year!?!?), JJ and his pals delivered a stream of marvellous originals accompanied by the odd rearrangement of the non-standard in a manner quite beyond their years. Simply Thrilling! particularly  JJ's homage to the sadly late, yet ever-great Tony Levin, 'Flicking Paint' is a most fitting testimony to Tony's educational legacy - close your eyes and see if Tubby Hayes doesn't strut into your mind's eye - if not, try £pec£aver£ - and 'The life of Cider Mickey'. To those still pondering whether to attend the remaining gigs of the JJ Wheeler Quintet tour, I strongly urge you to think no further - just do it 'cos it's only going to get dearer to see these 'brilliant blooms' of  UK Education. Exceedingly well done to parents, Birmingham Con and these super-talented young guys. Further bucking the current ethos that all teenagers are 'oyks' is the fact that all these guys are such genuine and personable young men - your heart will be warmed even further .... 

04 February 2011 - Phil Meadows Quartet

First time at JATP, Phil Meadows Quartet [Andrzej Baranek (p), Max Sterling (b) and Rob Turner (d)] totally blew our socks off - REALLY SERIOUSLY GOOD MAN!  50/50 originals and 'standards', the latter being re-arranged almost out of sight, yet so engaging nevertheless - the former belying Phil's tender years but not his imperious talents as musician and composer nor those of his undoubtedly talented band-mates. The Great BB commented afterwards that it's not often you get a rhythm section so talented and together that they occasionally 'obscure' a pianist of Andrzej's ability. An absolute wang-dang-doodle of a jazz night with a brilliant audience to boot whom I feel sure will join me in thoroughly recommending the Phil Meadow's Quartet to provide an EXCEPTIONAL Jazz night, Anywhere!

07 January 2011 - Jamie Taylor's Java

Like the consumate professional he is, internationally renowned guitarist Jamie Taylor arose from his 'man'-flu bed, snorted two long lines of Beecham's All-in-one (other flu remedies are available) and with Jamil Sheriff (p), Gary Jackson (b) and Caroline Boaden (d) thrilled a weather-affected audience of die-hards with jazz of the highest order and no little humour. Sets comprised mainly Jamie's own material with the odd 'unusual', yet most interestingly re-arranged standards. Do catch these folks if you can for top quality jazz


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