Wednesday, 17 November 2021

Booking Platform

 Hi Peeps,

one of our faithful who also happens to be a bit of a Dude on matters-IT has set up this link where you can :-

- reserve your seats and then pay via BACS and setup a unique reference for use when arriving as confirmation

- reserve your seats and elect to pay on the gate on the night

This route is the best way to ensure we can operate in a Covid-safe manner. To do that we have presently (subject to review) limited attendances to about 80 people. Of course room between tables is a function of table occupation degree - the fuller tables are, the easier we feel it will be to maintain necessary distances for example. 

As we essentially have "a contract" with Members, we feel it is only fair that we honour that by opening booking to members early - fear not! we will not leave open access to the platform too late, but for gigs likely to be exceptionally busy, such as with Emily Brown on 03 December, we feel this is only fair. For that gig, non-members can access the platform from 20th November, so plenty of time.

As for Patrons who generally pay up front and in excess of standard ticket prices and in all cases continued to do so during our enforced incarceration, we assume they are coming and reduce available bookings accordingly as a start point.

For those, like me, who are somewhat "belt and braces merchants", you can also notify us at gigregister.jatpjazzz@gmail if you like. I add online bookings to this register in any event so we have a complete picture. Please note! Online bookings and their order is the "ruling document" in the event we have to, most regrettably, turn people away from gigs. Online bookings will be take priority over People who turn up unannounced on the night.

Who would have thought we'd ever get to such a situation with "jazz" gigs? Crazy Times!

Hope you understand this stance. We are doing it for the good of everyone, but it's not a situation we are comfortable with or like

Look forward to seeing you on 3rd December for what promises to be an absolute CRACKER!


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