03 December 2021 Emily Brown Quintet
well Emily Brown Quintet gigs are legend at JATP but this one totally gazumped all previous - STUNNING right across the piece. I absolutely loved it and I reckon the audience did tooEmily Brown – voc; Brendan Duffy – sax; Ed Barnwell – p; Fergus Quill – b; Caroline Boaden – d 

05 November 2021 - ORB Trio + Fred

what an outstandingly excellent evening of jazz Richard, Pete and Paul laid upon us at JATPjazz. I am still abuzz. Always been supremely delighted with everything I've ever seen Richard and Paul do. Excepting a JazzNorth promoter virtual meet recently, I am totally "new" to Pete which I now find to be a seis n my part - STRIPES!! His piano playing AND repartee with the audience and fellow Musicians is outstanding. And then there was lovely Fred. I was musing that dogs bring quite a lot to a jazz night. For me, they really enhance that "all is well in the World" as the music shakes off the hassles of the week. Fantastic! Hope Fred will also be back.

Richard Ormrod - clarinet, saxes, guitar, you name it?; Pete Rosser – keys; Paul Baxter - b, Fred Ormrod - hates fireworks 

01 October 2021 Caroline Boaden Quartet

Pure class from start to finish in every aspect - pad selection, musicianship, seamless band cohesion and delivery - all phenomenal. And then there is the way Caroline relates to the audience! Wow! Real empathy, genuine warmth and no assumptions made - I thought it was brilliant.  - so glad 
Caroline's got Her own thing going, long overdue but then when you are in as many bands as Caroline is and teaching on top, it's not that easy - even though it looks it.  Definitely a Keeper for JATPjazz.  

Jamil Sheriff - keys; Ed Harrison - b; StelMidgley - g – lap, stl; Caroline Boaden - d

03 September 2021 - Ben Crosland Quartet

WHAT an absolute BELTING night! What a way to draw back the pandemic curtains? Supremely fitting that it was the four Beauties "of JATP's own" comprising the Ben Crosland Quartet that did the honours, and how they fulfilled the role was unbelievable - beautiful sets delivered with such class. These Guys don't even look at each other! It's instinctive, intuitive jazz - the very best "kind".Rod Mason - sax, Jez Platt - keys, g; Ben Crosland,-b; Dave Tyas - d

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