Saturday, 4 July 2015

Holiday, holiday, holiday time . . . .

JATPjazz Faithful,

thanks sincerely for your magnificent support this past season, which I think generally has been a bit of a cracker - one or two disappointing gigs in terms of 'numbers', but you can't ask them as aren't there, can you?
We are slipping into the shade for a few weeks now to oil our various squeeky joints but we hope you can join us on 4 September at Glyde House with the Paul Kilvington Trio. In fact this will be Paul's third gig on the trot at JATPjazz for one reason and another - not planned like that but sometimes the stars align perfectly.
OK Folks, sincere thanks again - without you, we'd be bobbing around like corks on a jazz-free sea, so do keep coming along and making JATPjazz what it is - a great, friendly Jazz Club with the finest of Musicians and Audience alike


Martin et al

Up Next . . .

04 September 2015 - Paul Kilvington Trio

Paul Kilvington has plied his ENORMOUS pianistic talents across the world (Bob Mintzer, Branford Marsalis, Jack Jones), (‘Bob’) Session player to axe-master Mike Walker describing as “always outstanding”, a career culminating in him shaking the legs off JATP’s beloved Yamaha, so when a musician of this ilk describes this gig as “excited about it - could be explosive !!” this is definitely one not to miss. Paul Kilvington – piano, Nord kbd, Frank Grime – db, Steve Gilbert – drums