Sunday, 10 August 2014


gigs are organised by Glyde House. They are intended to increase the frequency of Jazz gigs in Bradford and whilst their viability is assessed, these gigs are operated on a 'band takes gate takings' basis. As such, the entry fee is entirely the prerogative of the band and it cannot be assumed that JATPjazz terms of admission apply to ECGjazz gigs. We hope you understand this position and also that you will support these gigs as you might JATPjazz events in the interests of establishing a supportable jazz culture in Bradford.

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22 August 2014 - John Fleming Quintet

Scottish Young Jazz Musician of the Year 2010, John Fleming leads five of the strongest young artists emerging from vibrant Birmingham onto the National jazz scene and with some 'weight'. The group has appeared at top UK jazz festivals including Manchester, Edinburgh J&B and Glasgow and regularly performs throughout the UK.

"…. identifiable character and highly adaptable building blocks for all kinds of melodic excitement….." Peter Bacon: The Jazz Breakfast.

John Fleming
 - ts, Percy Pursglove - tr, Andy Bunting - p, Nick Jurd - b, Jonathan Silk - d 


JATPjazz followers,
apologies for the lack of activity and general updates on here lately owing to demands of the 'day job'. Hopefully these will abate over the coming months - certainly I will strive to keep the content more 'current'

Sunday, 29 December 2013

IMPORTANT ! - With effect from 03 January 2014 ..

Sadly matters at Bradford Irish Club seem to be moving in a direction which justifies our reluctant decision to quit in favour of Glyde House BD5 0BQ.
That said, Glyde House have been exceedingly welcoming and we hope that you will join us there and help JATPjazz continue to promote excellent value jazz for the 'cats' of Bradford and beyond.
Of course we wish all at Bradford Irish Club good fortune and that they can find a way to reverse their financial plight. We thank, particularly, Rita, Alan, Mick, Michael and Brian for all they did for us in our 4 years at BIC and hope they will join us at Glyde House