Sunday, 7 December 2014

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02 January 2015 - Zoe Gilby Quartet with Jazz North 

Jazz vocalist and songwriter Zoë Gilby has been deeply impressing the jazz scene for a number of years with her supremely characterful voice and compelling original compositions. Her repertoire also includes a wide range of contemporary material (eg Pink Floyd to Kate Bush) and superb interpretations of “The Great American Songbook” with McCrae, Jordan, Bush & Mitchell influences. Zoë is a 2014/15 jazznorth ‘northerline’ ambassador.  Bottom line is this girl can sing anything so, so well and check-out that band! STRIPES! - and to top it all, Zoë is a lovely, natural person, so what's not to like?
Zoë Gilby - v, p, Mark Williams - g, Andy Champion - b, Richard Brown - d

Sunday, 10 August 2014


gigs are organised by Glyde House. They are intended to increase the frequency of Jazz gigs in Bradford and whilst their viability is assessed, these gigs are operated on a 'band takes gate takings' basis. As such, the entry fee is entirely the prerogative of the band and it cannot be assumed that JATPjazz terms of admission apply to ECGjazz gigs. We hope you understand this position and also that you will support these gigs as you might JATPjazz events in the interests of establishing a supportable jazz culture in Bradford.