Friday, 11 April 2014

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02 May 2014 - JJ Wheeler Quintet

Having graduated with a First from Birmingham Conservatiore's jazz degree, JJ has moved on to a Masters at RAM. Sadly this had to be adjourned in 2012 owing to a life threatening and debilitating illness. However, tough as old boots and single-minded as ever, JJ returned to RAM in Sept 2013 and is back in London 'jazzing' with a vengeance, including a commission for the London Jazz Festival 2013 for his larger ensemble, but wary of what life's experience has taught him. So, learning of JJ's recovery, it was with exquisite pleasure and relief that I re-arranged JJ's 2012 gig at JATPjazz. Still catching the eyes and ears of London's Jazz cognoscenti do come along and see what all the fuss is about and for some stunning updating of bebop and hard bop with delightful injections of Radiohead and even Genesis. This is a strikingly good band so catch them quick before the squibs go off

JJ Wheeler - drums, Chris Maddock - alto sax, Nadim Teimori - tenor sax, Sam James - piano, Sandy Suchodolski - Bass

Sunday, 29 December 2013

IMPORTANT ! - With effect from 03 January 2014 ..

Sadly matters at Bradford Irish Club seem to be moving in a direction which justifies our reluctant decision to quit in favour of Glyde House BD5 0BQ.
That said, Glyde House have been exceedingly welcoming and we hope that you will join us there and help JATPjazz continue to promote excellent value jazz for the 'cats' of Bradford and beyond.
Of course we wish all at Bradford Irish Club good fortune and that they can find a way to reverse their financial plight. We thank, particularly, Rita, Alan, Mick, Michael and Brian for all they did for us in our 4 years at BIC and hope they will join us at Glyde House