Monday, 9 November 2015

Up Next . . .

04 December 2015 John Bailey Quintet with Jazz North

LCoM alumnus John Bailey now teaches guitar at Liverpool University. Recently released debut album ‘Black Ship Bright Sea’ on ASC Records draws on 20th Century Classical and European jazz influences with John leading on nylon-strung guitars of such quality, drawing comparisons with John Williams. John Bailey - g,  Richard Iles - flug., Tim France - sax, Gavin Barras - db, Steve Hanley - dr

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Breaking News !!

Emily Brown's 08 January 2016 gig - Line-Up is :-

Emily Brown – v, (ecg??) Jim Corry - sax, Andy Cholerton - keys, Richard Hammondbass and Caroline Boaden - drums - STRIPES! What a THRILLING combination - a MONSTER Jazz night beckons, I reckons !!