Saturday, 2 July 2016

An interesting view of a long-time JATPjazzer . .

Referendum too close to call

Before making a bonfire of our EU membership, please ponder that if the fire brigade wanted a mandate for a strike, they would need to have 40% of their members voting in favour of strike action.

Just let's look at the numbers:

  • In favour of Brexit: 37.5%
  • In favour of Remain: 34.7%
  • Not voting: 27.8%
Statistically the result was a tie.

Not only does a public sector strike vote need 40% in favour, so did the 1979 referendum. It was very foolish to conduct a referendum on such a weighty matter without a threshold requirement. The only sensible policy is to stick with the status quo for a year or so, develop some proper policies to use outside the EU, and then run another referendum. The current leap in the dark with a government in disarray is folly.

B otched
R eferendum
E nables
X enophobic
I solationists’
T riumph
Matters are made worse by the sudden disappearance of Leave Campaign promises after the referendum, and Farage is on record as saying that a 52-48 vote would not be the end of the matter.
( Click here and here) For once it is possible to agree with Farage

BIG Ta's . .

Brethren, Sistren,

Following a terrific season of jazz it simply remains for me to thank :-

- the committee for perseverance, hard work, guiding hands and advice plus a modicum of whinging, but then that's "committees" for ya, init? Camel's and Horses
- Howard Sharpe and Glyde House - Howard has not been well and we missed him. The Ladies stood-up to the task excellently in his stead for which we are most grateful as we are for Howard's return to health and The Glyde
- the Musicians!! - well it wouldn't be jazz without them would it, and we would not have the ripping nights we do either, so whilst Musicians might be a "given", their input and financial sacrifice is highly valued and appreciated. We have always, and will continue so to do, paid Musicians at JATPjazz as much as we possibly can whilst maintaining a relationship with liquidity - a task made harder in the atmosphere of zero-funding for Voluntary, NFP Promoters alas yet eased by :-
- Patrons - you lovely people who pay beyond the ticket value in an effort to maintain the club - Bless Ya !!
- Paying Guests - I've left you till last, but in fact you are THE most important part. Without you there is no club, no night, no Friday-night lift from the weeks gloom, and it is also your interaction with the Musicians which makes JATPjazz nights so memorable for all the right reasons, so Bloody Good on You fine Folks!!

. . and so, on behalf of JATPjazz and the committee, we hope you have a lovely summer, hopefully some sunshine and look forward to seeing you again on 02 September 2016 for Angus Bayley's Scrapbook - a fine band of young jazzers from London who are on the "upline" of Jazz and possessing beautiful and intricate tunes

Take Care