Sunday, 15 August 2021

We return on 3rd September 2021

** Please Note **

NOT withstanding a local upsurge in Covid-19 case rates and hospital admissions we are planning a short run of gigs at Latviesu Klubs Bradford commencing 3rd September 2021 in the inestimable company of the Ben Crosland Quartet featuring Rod Mason, Jez Platt and Dave Rocky Tyas.

Please see separate Event hereupon.

At all gigs, with the exception of bands when on stage, we are encouraging social distancing, wearing of face masks and good hygiene practices, measures which we hope you understand.
Audience numbers are consequently reduced so seats are on a first come, first served basis as far as is reasonably possible. Attendees are encouraged to pre-notify attendance at We do believe that those who pre-notify should have priority in the event that we exceed the social-distancing depleted capacity. Non-pre-notified attendees will be asked to take a seat in the bar until all pre-notified attendees are seated whereupon available seats will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis until the reduced capacity is met and social distancing can be maintained.

We will review the operation of gigs as we go and determine in December whether the schedule will continue to July 2022 and under what, if any, special measures.

We hope you understand our caution and the measures being taken and look forward to seeing you all again at JATPjazz in a safe environment bouncing along to terrific jazz.