Monday, 21 December 2020


 Dearest Jazz Nuts,


it's been a while since our last herald. Despite all the turmoil and confusion of tiers and case rate statistics, it seems to us like things haven't changed much, especially where prospect of safe, live jazz is concerned. If we have learned one thing from the shifting tiers and the unnecessary confusion, it is that Covid-19 is NOT something to be trifled with, as evidenced by the new variant apparently ripping through our Countryfolk in the South East. Whilst being uncomfortably restrictive, we believe the measures applied to us, and additional ones which we choose to follow ourselves, are vital in minimising transmission so that mortality rates are minimised and the NHS, which itself has barely recovered from the first "wave", is not further overloaded.

Of course we, as we are sure do you, yearn for a return to normality - freedom even - when JATPjazz will return. We are certain that widespread uptake of vaccines will hasten that day when once again we can see and hear great live jazz play.

And so, with less than the usual Yuletide "sparkle" but with sincere hope in our hearts, we of the JATPjazz Committee would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a much Happier 2021.

Do stay safe and keep well and we look forward to rejoining as soon as possible in 2021.


Compliments of the Season to All


JATPjazz Committee

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