Sunday, 4 October 2020

An Update . .

Dear supporters


We hope you are all well in these very trying times. It’s been a while since we gave you an update on how the JATP committee read the current situation and what are thoughts are regarding putting on gigs once again. Our last gig was on the 6 March, the Sam Leak Trio. Little did we know then...


In August, after the country had come out of lock-down, we asked those on our mailing list what their thoughts were about JATP putting on jazz again, how comfortable would they feel about coming down and attending a gig. For perfectly understandable reasons, the overall impression was one of reservation, with 42% thinking it was definitely too early, 22% undecided and just 36% confident they would come along. Part of the exercise was to gauge whether gigs would be economically viable, and on these figures we thought that would be very challenging. There is also clearly the question of the safety of our audience to consider, and we listened to the concerns which were raised and considered what steps we could take to make our gigs as safe as possible. We finally came to the view that the wisest course of action was not to rush back but wait a bit longer to see how things developed in the interests of everyone’s safety. 


Depressingly, just as it appeared that we might have emerged from the worst of the pandemic, all the statistics have started to accelerate in the wrong direction, as we know. Although ever more national and local restrictions are being imposed, which can create their own practical difficulties, there appears to be a consensus that we could be heading for a second peak of the disease. Above and beyond any commercial considerations, we would be mortified if anybody fell ill because they came to one of our gigs. Under all the circumstances therefore, we still feel it’s too early to go back to putting on live jazz.


This is a frustrating situation for us, our members, patrons and supporters. We will of course continue to monitor the situation and really appreciate your continued support.

Take Care and Stay Safe

JATP Committee