Sunday, 26 July 2020

Appeal for views on post-lockdown JATPjazz live gigs

Dear JATPjazzgoers,

Hope this missive finds you well and in good spirits (the emotional sort – I imagine the alcoholic variant is long-since soaked-in?)

An Update

On cessation of events, we promised to keep you abreast of matters – a promise I think we’ve largely honoured in various formats and forums – though very largely matters remain beyond our control.

The latest news is we are tentatively exploring the resumption of jazz gigs at the glorious Bradford Latvian Club, although this will not be until 02 October at the earliest.
A Question
Of course preparations are all very well if they are indeed put to the test by keen jazz-goers which brings me to the point:  do you feel ready, able and, more importantly, willing to attend jazz gigs as yet, or do your instincts still outweigh the urging of Government? 
Please understand, this is not an appeal for footfall or a call to “jazz arms”. It is solely an attempt at assessing the degree of interest and based on the nature of interest, we can consider the economic viability for both JATP and Bradford Latvian Club. If “the numbers work”, we can then apply good sense and guidelines to risk assessments, venue preparation, non-contact methods of payment, “electronic” ticketing (as a means of limiting numbers if found necessary – never ever thought I’d have that issue at a jazz gig!), table plans, mid-set access & egress routes, maintenance of social distancing, and work out sensible one-way routes to bar and toilets (not necessarily in that order of course) to name but a few of the many challenges.
Of course we realise that Covid-19 remains amongst us – the best we can ALL do is minimise the risk of transmission. We realise also that the typical jazz demographic very much puts most of us in the “vulnerable age group”.
So we beseech you to take the time to respond to this enquiry of interest with your honest views whatever they are. We need to know so that we can prepare or preserve our war chest for more normal days.
I look forward to hearing from you all
Take Care, Stay Safe
JATPJazz Committee