Sunday, 22 March 2020

A thought for Musicians

Fellow Jazzers,
as alluded to below whilst the HMG decide if / how they will support the Covid-19 measures-affected Self Employed (i.e Musicians), as most are physically self-isolating, it is easy to imagine their horror at an extended period of "social distancing" and the effect on their income, which for those not live-streaming music lessons, is pretty much £0. Most musicians we have had the pleasure of at JATPjazz are looking into the possibility of "live streaming" gigs from their homes  &  on either a ppv, pwyf or even gratis basis, but it is likely even this will be frowned upon as infection rates increase and a full lockdown threatens. Therefore we worry for our Friends and consider how we might support them. Roger found an interesting idea in The Guardian Letters page 
the other day which we thought we might share. Noting that we are not seeking ticket money for cancelled gigs, in the event you are similarly motivated towards helping musicians, here are the band links for this season's remaining gigs and don't forget that Joe Webb, John Law and Rob Luft all have new albums releasing imminently with Shirley Smart's excellent Long Story Short released in April 2019, so all nice, fresh JAZZ

Keep Well, Stay Safe

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