Saturday, 2 June 2018


01 June 2018 - BRIAN BICAT Memorial 
                       Atlantic Crossover ft. John Settle

God's Truth!! WHAT A NIGHT!! Glyde House packed to the rafters and every chair in the building redeployed and still people standing, Atlantic Crossover and John Settle completely obliterated a most receptive, eager and engaging audience. The place was "on fire" with break-neck sax runs, trumpet and flugel "voluntaries" rippling about the place floating on a forceful rhythmic feather-bed. And then there was John Settle. Hitherto I must confess to some perplexity regarding vibes - I know, "ignoramus"! - well not any longer - Stripes! can John Settle make those bars sound - they were bloody-well dancing on the cords - and they had to with the machine-gun pace emanating from the front line, but the highest accords to John's talent were the looks of amazement on the brass instrumentalists faces and the rapturous appreciation of an audience greedy for more. If Jim and James' playing failed to thrill - an impossible precept in fact - then their arrangements of long familiar tunes into a state of complete "newness" completely converted any faith-free. Mark Chandler, despite being delayed by a drugs-bust en-route, was at his bristling best, strafing the audience with almost supersonic salvos, and then there's Rod Mason. What is there to say about Rod which hasn't already been said?? The man is a megalith. I closed my eyes often as his baritone rasped out "fire", images of John Surman filling my mind's eye. Of course all this "bristling" out front simply demands the finest rhythm. I don't think I've heard a better rhythm section anywhere, live or recorded, than Jami Sheriff, Adrian Knowles and Dave Walsh? Oh! no bit-part players, these - they pushed their way forward with beautiful appropriation, thunder, gentility and glorious talent. All of this resulted in such a gloriously spectacular celebration of jazz, befitting the Great Brian Bicat, our Founder often mentioned in Jim's commentary, was surely there amongst us in spirit with a broad grin on his face and jaw dropped at such unbelievable virtuosity, and particularly so at the closing Caravan - always persuasively requested by Brian of bands, yet Atlantic never got round to it. They absolutely "nailed" it last night! And so I think Brian will join me in especially thanking Jim and Rod for putting such a thing of beauty together in Brian's honour - thank you both sincerely for that and the band for such thrilling delivery. I am sure JATPjazz will never have a better night.

1st set : 
Mark Chandler - trumpet 
Jim Corry - alto sax
James Russell - tenor sax
Rod Mason - Baritone sax
Dave Walsh - drums
Jamil Sheriff - piano
Adrian Knowles - bass
Special Guest John Settle - vibes

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