Friday, 14 July 2017

What a Season !!

Delightful JATPjazz'ers!! What can we say? After 4 or 5 turbulent years of venue eviction, "challenging locality", judicious just-in-time departures, and the audience depletion thereby resulting, we have averaged 55 jazz "bottoms" per gig this past season. We've had some superb jazz across the piece, much variety and at every gig audience enthusiasm has been staggering. I have oft said, often possibly to slightly disbelieving ears, that the thing that makes a good jazz gig great is actually the audience. Of course excellent musicians help yet all that is for nought without interested and engaging listeners. You lovely people have proved yourselves worthy of the finest jazz this season and I hope we can build on that next season. 
Let us not forget also, Howard Sharpe, John Sims and Glyde House without whom we'd have no pot to hiss in?? After sterling service Howard has left for pastures new and seems to be doing well and John has stepped up to the plate, wrestled the beast of venue management whilst running his other businesses and we are back on an even keel and with some fine ales to-boot. So we hope, we think we are on a good footing with a great venue, great beer and great jazz.
We thank you indeed for joining our jazz ventures and hope you'll do likewise re-commencing September 01 with Perpetual Motion Machine - and do bring your friends. Have happy Summers and on behalf of the JATPjazz committee, THANK YOU !!
And to close out the JATPJazz 16/17 season, give yourselves a STANDING OVATION

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